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Friday, July 31, 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic at the Lake Park Themed

This cake was a challenge for me to make as it falls on the same day of my other order and also that this cake is ha ha.. the biggest cake I did ever... plus I didnt feel too well that day too. So I tried to do my best but I ended up doing it until 2.30am and still not very satisfied with the results. Therefore, the next day, I changed the design a bit and finally have come up with this final result and quite happy with it. The only thing that Im not quite happy is that this cake was made for a friend's mother in law's and the aunty's double birthday celebration. So it was supposed to be a cake for a more mature customers but instead the cake turned out more of "kids' type of cake..".. :( But luckily, they all loved my cake. ~ she smsed...'PHEWWWW'... (a Big RElief!!!).

This was a Carrot Cake with walnuts and raisins flavoured frosted with vanilla with a tinged of orange flavour buttercream frosting. It is almost 2kgs in weight and 26cm in diameter. This cake resembled "FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, TOGETHERNESS, QUIET FUN TIME, and FOREVER YOUNG FRIENDSHIP" which was reflected on the two bears (two close friends) having a picnic together in a beautiful sunny day out in the lake park...


caroline said...

leni.... is a beautiful cake! loves all the details, the little cup and the choc chip cookies!

cupcakelicious said...

hi carol (this is caroline alim right??) thanks hehe.. its quite detailed cake which took me like... haha.. forever..to make!!