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Friday, July 24, 2009

LuVaBLE Theme..

I've got an order from someone recently and it was a free design cupcakez.. so I can do whatever I want.. It isn't as easy as one think to try to come up with a theme and I didnt want to simply make a mixed design.. So after many days of *scratching head*... think.. thinkk.. thinkk... I still couldnt come out with design.. You see..its probably easier if customer would to give a theme to you or a hint to what they like, then the ideas will just come flowing out.. Then suddenly, I felt like making a teddybear and perfecting my teddybear making skills.. and started to plays around with my heart cutter and therefore, I come out creating this lovely Teddy Bear whom I give him a name "Mr. Luvable Bear" as he just look soo luvable holding this sweet heart as if saying.. "will you love me... "... (*hints for those wanting to order 'ANNIVERSARY', 'VALENTINE', theme cupcakes.. I could do a similar design and customise it too...*grinn...*)... so anyway.. with this Mr.Luvable, come out my 'Luvable cupcakezz theme'

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