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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiramisu Birthday Cake

I made this special cake for my sister in law's 30th Birthday. She just flew back from Hongkong to celebrate her birthday with us here and came directly from aiport just in time for her Birthday meal (i cooked for her and family) and her bday cake.
Did a tiramisu cake version for the cake.. using mascarpone cheese and ladyfinger as the decor around the cake and when serves it with the kahlua coffee liquour over the ladyfinger.. I love the taste of mascarpone cheese, its worth paying for it when one is making tiramisu as the combination of the cheese and the whipping cream just melted in your mouth.. Tiramisu cake has to be served cold so the decor was done pretty simple and put on top when presenting the cake!!
Happy Birthday Lilian, hope you like ur dinner and cake today!!! Muah.. *hugs..*

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Another theme of minnie mouse but this time on cupcakes.. just a very simple design as its quite a last minute request.. Happy Birthday on top of the cupcake with a 3D minnie mouse face made from fondant icing... Flavour was Tiramisu cupcake frosted with espresso buttercream icing.. Happy Birthday Winnie.. Hope you stay sweet and pretty!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

IPod Phone theme cupcakes set!

When you cant afford to buy one of the latest Ipod Phone, not too worry, you can order one..and the best thing is.. you can eat it too!! hahaha.. yes.. this is one of the set that I did for a friend who's having a gathering among all her IT colleagues in her office.. Made this set in the new flavour of "Tiramisu flavoured cupcakes".. Perfect gift for those savvy friend of yours or male friends..

Monday, December 7, 2009

3D Bear Cake and its babies Bears Cupcakezz..

I had an enquiry from one Kl customer that asked if I can do cakes and cupcakes as thank you gift for their guests. The event is for Kaylen's (her daughter) 1st Birthday party. After many emails correspondences, I proposed to do a Bear theme and suggested to do a 3D bear cake for the main cake (I saw the bear design in the Debbie Brown book) as the lil girl loves bear , fish, butterfly etc..
I remembered the night before while starting to do the 3D bear, everything seemed to go wrong. Yes almost everything!!! At first, the cake got stucked on its dome cake pan, luckily the body of the bear (the big part) got out allright , just a bit of dent on the side but the smaller cake pan (which was for the head part) was stuck and it broke in the middle (and i did grease the pan properly!!! what gone wrong???) I nearly cried that instance and was soo frustrated as its already late.. but luckily there still some leftover batter, but its only enough to do half the size of the head (filled only half the cake pan) Sigh.. so what can one do in this sticky situation??? Correct ~ "IMPROVISE" !!!! (im quite good at improvisation btw.. hehee.. ) , I mean, theres no point crying over the spilled milk right?? whats done is done so the only way is to fix it.. so yeah.. after some breathing exercise (as i was feeling veryy stressed then and panicky too.. hehe.. silly me..) I managed to calm myself down and try to stick the two cakes together.. so yeah..a lot of cutting this and buttering that action.. finally I have my not so round dome head for the bear.. oh well.. its better than nothing.. just that i have to do some buttering.. and im really not good at it..
The other thing was, to cover the cake and trying to make it super smooth was another problem as the cake wasnt 100% round in the beginning, so at this stage, I pretty much regretted on doing this 3D cake design.. (my oh my.. what did i get myself into I thought ....).. but the clock was ticking so i told myself.. "no turning back, just make do as I still have 32 naked cupcakes to be decor and thomas and friends cupcakes set..... so yeah, thinking "Ill deal with the rest later and just try my best for now... and hahahha.. finally.. the cake was done..and it doesnt look that bad at all .. (Confidence restored!!! *super Grin*) Hooray.. but wait..!!! my bear still legless and handless.. another problem to be solved.. luckily i baked extra cupcakes..so problem solved.. used 2 cupcakes (joined together) as one leg but yeah.. again.. errrr.. hate buttering the cake.. (im really not pleased with the leg, have to really improve on this)... but at least my bear was no more leglesss.. hehehe but yeah.. loveddd the end result.. and hahah guess this not gonna be my first and last 3D cake after all!!! *Giggles*...

The Cupcake in its secured dome packaging before being put in a favour box..

The 4 Different Bear Cupcakes Design

The Perfect 'Thank You Gift' for your guest ~ whether as a party favour for birthday or Wedding perhaps?? *wink* ;)

Thomas and Friends Cupcakes Set

Another Thomas and Friends theme and this time its for a 3 years old boy who lovessss Thomas and Friends (and now my 2 yrs old son is into this as well.. ohh NO!!!!). Anyway, back to this post, this time around I was more confident in making Thomas theme as I have done enough research on this cartoon characters and have watched the DVD countless time.. (didnt i mentioned that my son is into this too... hehe..), so yeah , I pretty much knows more of the different characters and just for those of you that have children..."PLEASE (dont say I didnt reminded you..), NOT TO introduced Thomas and Friends to them cos u know WHAT??? I checked out Thomas and Friend's corner at Isetan KLCC and I was quited shocked to find out that there was like 50 characters of Thomas and Friends trains there... each with its own name, Gordon, Spencer, etc.. (just on top of my head those that i remembered) and boy..its not cheap at all!!!!!

So yeah this time, since the Birthday boy is more into Percy (the green one which is Thomas's bestfriend , see told you I really did my research).. I positioned Percy in the middle as the main topper. hehe.. and The rest of the 3D trains are Thomas (the blue one - dohh..) and James (the red one, James is an older train of the 3 lots so that's why, if any of you noticed, I made his face looked older with wrinkle lines near the eyes ares.. *giggles*).. hehe..

Anyway, these set of cupcakes are available for order for those of you whose lil ones adoresss Thomas & Friends ( I have to make another set soon for my son as he was crying when he saw the customers walked away with his 'so called' Thomas cupcakes..poor Branden..) ..

Once again Happy Birthday Vel Prasad, Hope you like your Percy and Your Thomas and Friends cupcakes set.. !!!