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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Big Wedding Order - 400 cupcakes!!

The past 3 weeks, my energy and most of my time were spent on this 'big event' .. YAY.. MY FIRST BIG ORDER FOR A WEDDING!! What was my feeling?  hmmmm.....lets see!! * NERVOUS* , * EXCITED* , * HAPPY* ,* SCARED* TICK TICK TICK TO ALL plus more!! I cant really describe it but those cake decorators out there, Im pretty sure you know what Im talking about! * lol* At one stage, I thought to myself, why did I agreed to this? I mean, Im a fulltime working mother but I did decided to take a day off work just to complete this order! Plus.. I was soo lucky, my mum & sister who lived in Australia actually came to Malaysia to visit me and boy was it good timing or what!! If it wasnt for them, Im not sure how I could pull it off!! Thank you sooo sooo much MUM & SIS for the great help in this order!! Greatly appreciated it!!  Especially during the mishaps that happened that day.. You see, I had a slight accident accident where one of the box that I kept 60 cupcakes fell down and toppled on the floor.. and more than half were ruined.. luckily i baked extra cupcakes and have a spare fondant decors (purposely did extras).. and the fact that we're 3 hours ahead of schedule!! Thank God for that!!!

Anyway, the order was a cupcakes as the wedding favour for each attendee guest.  I kept the design simple as I didnt dare to proposed too complicated design as this was my first! (didnt want to stuff it up .. :P).  There were 2 designs to this (one was a flower and another was the couple's initial in a heart shaped fondant).  The wedding tags were included in the packaging!

I wanted the bear bride to have a bit of sparkle.. so I used this non-edible crystal as her pendant.. hihi..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Fullmoon Cake & Cupcakes Set!

According to Asian Chinese custom, when a baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate her first month of life (the Chinese term translates as "full moon"). This coincides with the end of the new mum's confinement period, and both mother and baby are formally introduced to the extended family and friends for the first time. Full moon parties today are often celebrated in many ways; either in restaurant or at home with a buffet spread for guests, to smaller family-only get-togethers. Parents normally host the celebration at home if they have the space, or book and rent a venue (hotel or large restaurant) to accommodate everyone.

For this order, my customer ordered a small fullmoon themed cake, designed were leave to me and I suggested this theme.  As the party was an intimate one, only closest friends and relatives, each guests were given a 'thank you gift' and I suggested to have the cupcakes to be presented into a real cup instead of the normal cupcake liners.   I had lots of fun doing this order as I get to be creative doing all the different design! Time consuming? YES!! But totally worth it!! *GRIN* :P

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pirate Theme Party ~ The Dessert Table

All the weeks of brainstorming, nites of slaving - planning and making templates - cutting, gluing, putting all the things together and very little sleep when nearing the date to make all the dessert for the dessert table were finally paid off after I finished setting up the Pirate Theme Dessert Table and taking the picture at the party!! *Big Huge Grin of Satisfaction** Ahhhhh... totally worth it!! Especially when the birthday boy and his family and friends likes it so much!! hehe..Anyway, let me take you through to the details of my dessert table!!

The Theme was "Pirate Party".  The main colour themed that my customer and I had agreed upon was: Black, Red, Baby Blue & White.  So everything was pretty much designed based on these colours.  We decided to have a Pirate Ship Cake (more detailed pictures on my previous entry).  Flavour was Rich Coffee Cake coated with Cappucino Buttercream Frosting!

I did two designs for the cupcakes, the first one was obviously the cute 'young pirate face' , how can I not do this!! sooo Adorable!! "Ayeee Captain"... (*giggles*)

For the second design of the cupcakes, I decided to use the cupcake wrapper and the flag & skeleton paper toper (custom made).  Totally loving these cute design! 

These cute mini treasure chest box was filled with Gold Chocolate Coins. I used it as part of the table decor and also as the 'Prized' for the games!

I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon this 'ship looking' plastic flower container in my local craft shop as this was just "Perfect" for this and I decided to use it for the marshmallow pops base!!  Luv it luv it lurveee it!!! :P

Cant have a Pirate Theme party without some 'Treasures of the Sea' Right?? Gold Chocolate Coins and Copper Chocolate Coins inside the Cookie Jar!

and some Chocolate Oreos in the other Cookie Jar!

I did these simple Chocolate Truffles as part of the dessert table! These were so yummy I reckoned! :)

The initial plan was to make a 'bakerella' inspired pirate face Cake POPs.. but I was running out of time for this and they were quite hard to make (need a lot more practice i guess) so in the end, we're both happy to settle for this! Maybe next time when I have enough practice time :P 
Just for sharing purpose, this was the sample that I did for the "Pirate Face Cake Pops", not so good I guess as I made it late at night and in a hurry! Its not very neat as I used a white chocolate instead of candy melt!

I suggested the favour bags to be made using a recycled brown paper with the customised round label topper that I designed for it! My customer had a pair of these 'Wooden Treasure Box" that just goes absolutely perfect with the whole theme!! totally loving it!!!! :P

Made these mini flag tag for the straws.. just thought it goes so well and so whimsical!!


Some of the other photos of the cake pops that I did.. just a simple chocolate coated with sugar pearls!

Heres some pictures of the wonderful party!! Some creative games the mom organised includes "treasure hunts", "walk the plank", "Pin the pirate's patch", some colouring activities etc.  Both myself and my son attended it and were so happy to be part of this wonderfuly organised themed party.  Once again, it was nice working with you Jova!! :))

My 3yrs old son!! :))