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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone out there who read my blogs, all of thecupcakelicious' fans and least but not last, to all my friends, family and relatives

* Happy Easter!!! *

Heres a simple Easter Themed cupcakes that I made for my son's nursery's friends & teachers at school. The school (Kinderland S2) also organised a mini Easter Party ~ Easter Eggs hunts (except since the weather in Malaysia very hot, they cant use Easter Chocolates eggs, instead they use pingpong balls. They also organised some craft activities and also giving out goodies bags.. how sweet is that? :)))

Monday, April 18, 2011

My 1st Macarons!!

I have been tempted to make macarons for quite a while now.. (to be exact since last year) but just haven't got the time to do so! Finally 2 weeks ago, I attempted to make it.. and obviously the first time went horribly wrong!! My macarons doesnt even looked like macaron but just one big blotchy thing!! *sob sob*.. but I was quite determined to make again and a week later, attempted the 2nd time. 

After my first trial, I was trying to figure out what went wrong but I couldnt as my guess was cos the first time around, my maid accidently tipped the tray over and the macaron's batter got mixed together... so I blamed her for that and the 2nd batch, I followed one recipe where it adviced to leave the door half open with a wooden chopstick, I did that and the macarons had cracks all over. So yeah.. I blamed it on that too.. (*excusesss*). 

For my 2nd trial, I followed the recipe to the exact but unfortunately, the macarons had cracks all over!!!! I was soo dissapointed as in the beginning I was actually feeling too confident that it'll turn out nice!! So yeah.. lots of yelling, screaming.. bowl breaking. (hehe..kidding.. nahh.. I havent gone to that extreme yet..:P) but to sum it up I was very frustrated and yeah I did yell "DAMN IT.. DAMN YOU MACARON.. WHY YOU HAVE TO BE SO FREAKING HARD!!!).. "

So I had to google some more tips and I actually calmed myself down after reading one gal's blog that she attempted 'macarons' up to 8th times till she get it right! So I told myself.. Chill..its only the 2nd time!!  I guess God kinda answered my desperate prayer right then and there as the the next batch, when I checked the macaron half baked.. It rises.. no cracked (yet) and WOOOO HOOOO..WAT WAS IT I SAW?? FEET?? YES... MY MACARON HAS FEET!!! .. and my oh my, they looked soo nice with those dainty feet!! ( 1 hr before this, I had no idea what they meant when it said feet huhahahha..).  I was esctatic dancing around in my kitchen, laughing and giggling that my hb had to dash over to see what the hell wrong with his wife...(*LOL*), he thinks his wife just gone cockoo for a seconds there.. hahahaha...well I was actually that few seconds!  I was extremely happy to see my macarons had a smooth shiny surface and I can see the feet forming! Now I understand how some become obsessed with macarons!! :P

Anyway out of 50 shells that I did.. (yup the 3rd batch didnt come out nice.. not sure what happen there but it was already almost midnight so I didnt bother too much as I did have a few nice looking macarons here.. hehe..), only 16 comes out nicely (not that even.. still need lotsss of practice with the piping.. ).

Nevertheless, I was happy enough to be able to take picture of these 'uncracked macarons'.. Well I know that my macaron still far from perfect (God knows how many more trials i need to do to perfect them) but Im more than determined to do so!! hehe.. till then.. here's I present you my "Not so Perfect 1st Macarons"... TA DAAA!!!! (*gigglesss..*) :PPPP

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chinese Prosperity Peach Cake & Cupcakes Set

When I first got an enquiry to do cake & cupcakes set for 81st Birthday Party, I was too excited that I proposed a 3D Prosperity Peach Cake instantly.. and the design was inspired by a picture I saw on google and I found out, this cake was made by Amy Teoh.  My customers instantly fell in love with that design as her mom also likes to play mahjong. So the idea was sold and order was confirmed a few weeks before.  I didnt put much thoughts into it as I was having a family emergency that I had to deal with during that time. 

A week before the order was due, that when I started to stress about how am I gonna make a tall oval looking peach cake.. when I dont really have the moulds.  So I thought.. and thought and thought.. and sorta.. figure it out..but honestly.. I felt very nervous about making this cake.  I haven't felt this way for a long time.. excited yes.. but not nervous!! I guess I was kinda pressured by it as this birthday party was very special.. I mean.. not many gets to live and celebrated past your 80th birthday and the fact, the lady that ordered this cake was such a lovely person and easy to deal with.  That made me even more pressured to do the cake well as I did not want to dissapoint her or her beloved mother and family members with the cake. 

There were so many frustration that I had to overcome while making this cake.. to cut the story short, I actually had to recover it 3 times.. (yes.. wasted 3 times of fondant covering.. and the cake diameter needed abt 57cm of fondant covering.. yikess..) and I actualy re-did the cake as the cake somehow sinked in and it looked like more of a bees' nest instead of a peach.. was soo depressed n in panic state at that time.  

Well luckily, the next day, my mind was more refresh and I actually re-did it (with the help of hb, he helped me to carve it into a nicer shape :P ) ..and Im glad I did.. as it looked soo much better!! *pheww..*

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pooh's 1st Picnic!

I did this cake abt 2 wks back for a little gal's 1st birthday.  Her mom told me that She absolutely loves Pooh & Tiger and wanted this theme but in a very girly colour.  The tiger's idea was taken from Fantastic Cake as i was browsing for some ideas! Thank you fantastic cake , you're very creative and i lovedd your tiger!! :))

Friday, April 1, 2011

Valentine Themed Cupcakes Set!

These Valentine Themed Cupcakes set were made while on my holiday in Perth, a friend ordered this for her hubby! So yeah.. did this simple but quite an eye catching design.  I arranged it into a heart shaped inside the box.  Well Happy Valentine.. although im a month+ late!! hehehe.. :)

My OZ Trip..

YUP!! Im finallly back from my very long (6 weeks) holiday last week, but was so busy trying to clear my backlog works in office, so apologised for not blogging!  During these 6 wks, we travelled accross all the way from Brisbane, Goldcoast, Melbourne and finally back to my hometown, sweet Ol' Perth.. I really had a wonderful time during these past 6 weeks.. although Im not very happy that I got a lil sunburn while touring in Goldcoast and visiting Dreamland.. Yes.. summer in oz is usually hot.. n the sun burns.. but Goldcoast' weather was v.humid.. (even worse than Malaysia I think..)..  the whole time, the temperature was a constant 34-36 degrees but super humid!  Nevertheless, we went to so many places.. including the Steve Irwin's Zoo, Dreamworld (last year we went to Movieworld and Seaworld so this year decided not to go), wineries, gingerbread & bees factory etc..

My first thought before landing to Brisbane was full of doubt as you all know, the flood that happened 2 weeks before my trip.. but amazingly when we were there, everything looks exactly the same as it was a year ago.. as if the flood was never happened.  I must say the Queenslanders did a brilliant job in cleaning up the mess etc.  The city was clean and only if you looked closely, you can see the water stain on where the water rised up to.. but apart from that, everything seems fine!! :))

Feeding the Kangoroo in Australian Zoo

Dora & Masqot in Dreamland
Melbourne was welll..melbourne I guess.. Its a 4 season city.. the weather can literrally changes from morning to night.  Like the 1st day we arrived in Melbourne, it was quite hot.. I think about 27 degrees.. bearable n kinda nice.. but after dinner when we decided to touring around in the city area.. it was soo windy and cold that a mere thin coat was not enuff. Since Melbourne was 3 hours ahead Perth time (daylight savings), the sun sets really late.. imagine, we had BBQ in the park near my brother's house at 9pm at night!! Yupp... u read it correctly.. 9pm.. and still bright!!! How Cool is that?? hahhaa.. I totally loved it!!! :P

Family BBQ time !

playing in park at melbourne - niece, mum, son & me

Lastly,  our final destination was Perth.. my hometown! The feeling i get when the plane landed in Perth International Airport was different compared to when we touched down in Brisbane & Melbourne Airport.  I got all emotional, warm tingly feelings and extremely teary happy (if theres such words?? ) the minute the wheel of airplane touched the grounds.. and this was not the first time.. but everytime !! :P  Anyway, spend a month long holiday there, just spending time with my dear mom, catching & chilling out with friends.. and of course.. eating lotssss of yummy food that I missed!! :)) , ohhh.. and I also managed to do 2 workshops on cupcakes decorating.. (will post that pics on the next entry).. :))

my dear mummy, sis n notti son!! xoxo

valentine dinner wif my family

cam whoring in car wif mum n sis hehe..

playing in Piney Lake Park with my son

Fun Gal's nite Out, chillin out in MinQ Bar, Burswood Hotel

Japanese fine dining at "The Bonsai Cafe"

reunion with my High School friends

our spanish tapas  dinner at "The Pony Club"

gals' nite out!

meeting up with friends i met/chat in FB.. annie (also a cake decorator) and Bettina (who loves to bake n cook)!!

brunch at The Raffles

with my son at millpoint beach playing in park!

My brother, son n me!