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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chinese Prosperity Peach Cake & Cupcakes Set

When I first got an enquiry to do cake & cupcakes set for 81st Birthday Party, I was too excited that I proposed a 3D Prosperity Peach Cake instantly.. and the design was inspired by a picture I saw on google and I found out, this cake was made by Amy Teoh.  My customers instantly fell in love with that design as her mom also likes to play mahjong. So the idea was sold and order was confirmed a few weeks before.  I didnt put much thoughts into it as I was having a family emergency that I had to deal with during that time. 

A week before the order was due, that when I started to stress about how am I gonna make a tall oval looking peach cake.. when I dont really have the moulds.  So I thought.. and thought and thought.. and sorta.. figure it out..but honestly.. I felt very nervous about making this cake.  I haven't felt this way for a long time.. excited yes.. but not nervous!! I guess I was kinda pressured by it as this birthday party was very special.. I mean.. not many gets to live and celebrated past your 80th birthday and the fact, the lady that ordered this cake was such a lovely person and easy to deal with.  That made me even more pressured to do the cake well as I did not want to dissapoint her or her beloved mother and family members with the cake. 

There were so many frustration that I had to overcome while making this cake.. to cut the story short, I actually had to recover it 3 times.. (yes.. wasted 3 times of fondant covering.. and the cake diameter needed abt 57cm of fondant covering.. yikess..) and I actualy re-did the cake as the cake somehow sinked in and it looked like more of a bees' nest instead of a peach.. was soo depressed n in panic state at that time.  

Well luckily, the next day, my mind was more refresh and I actually re-did it (with the help of hb, he helped me to carve it into a nicer shape :P ) ..and Im glad I did.. as it looked soo much better!! *pheww..*

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