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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010.. HO..HO.. HO..

I would like to wish you (all my blog readers) a Very Joyful Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.. Happy Holidays too to all of you.. Please drive/travel safe for those spending the journey travelling... and hope you will have a Great Holiday.. I know Im in my holiday mood already, although this year, we're not going anywhere but spending it here with close friends and family.. Anyway, just want to share all my Xmas Themed Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies Gifts...Merry Christmas from the Thecupcakelicious ~ Couture Cakes & Gifts.. HO..HO..HO!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Malaysian Airline 3D Airplane Fondant Cake

Recently, I had an enquiry to make a "Malaysian Airline" 3D Plane Cake.  The request came from this very sweet gal for her boyfriend who is a MAS Engineer.  At first I was quite hesistant to take the order as I wasnt sure if I'm able to do it.  But due to my hb's remark, hahaha, he challenged me on this, so that makes me gamed to take his challenge, thus, I decided to take this order.  

I remembered the days leading to the cake making day, each time I've thought about this order, my heart would (*lol*) skip a beat and I felt the inside of my stomach was knotted into one.. (*hmm.. kinda felt like being in love for the first time ... *giggles*)..  I did took many days to think on how I would plan to do this plane cake as in what type of cake mould would I use, the template, how I would build the wings in order for it to stay within gravity etc.. and I must say, my hb did give me some input on this factor.  We even took pictures of the real MAS Plane when I sent him to airport and went to MAS office to take more pictures on the different type of mini airplanes.  That was part of my research. 

Although I'm not very satisfy with this plane cake (I realised the top of the cake wasnt supposed to be flat.. *owwww* ), Im glad I've taken this order.  This cake has taught me a lot of things and a lot of effort and thoughts has been put into this project.. I've countless hours thinking on how I'll be making the cake and this is one cake that needs a lot of calculation, measurement and engineers thoughts.. Now i feel like i can build a house dy.. huhahaha.. *JKJK..* .. The next time round, ill know how to make it better.. well..theres always a 1st time in everything right??  But nevertheless, I had a lot of fun making this cake, the excitement it brings me when I got the confirmed order, sleepless night thinking about it but the best one of all, the pure excitement and joy the first time I unveiled the cake to customer and she said that its beyond her expectation.. and the fact that she emailed me on her bf's and family's reaction upon seeing and tasting the cake.. was simply PRICELESS to me..

It bring me such happiness that I cant describe when I have such satisfy response from customer and this is the key factor to really motivate me to do better! 

Thank You Sarah for giving me the chance to make this cake for your bf, it was so fun to have you as customer and I really enjoyed our back and forth emailing hehehe.. :P

The below picture was sent by Sarah - Thank You dear!
(* I laughed hard when I saw this pic as hahaha.. my plane cake really looked like those scene frome the Plane Crash * LOL...)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kelly Doll

Last weekend, my inlaws took my son out for a day, leaving me a Free 'me' time , which is quite rare and I absolutely enjoyed it.. So, what did I do?? Apart from just relaxing in my pyjamas surfing the net, cooked myself a nice bfast and finished my 1st set of Xmas Cookies Gift Set, (yes.. I did all these in a span of 4 hrs, which was very unusual as when my son at home, I can only did a third of that..) , I also baked some cakes and decided to have a bit of fun.  Ive always wanted to make a Barbie Doll Cakes.  So just practicing with the mini version - Kelly, she's Barbie's little sister.. (*giggles* still remembered my childhood times as I used to be Barbie's biggest fan!! LOL).. Anyway, here's my lil Kelly Doll.. hope u like her .. hehehe..

Friday, December 10, 2010

3D Golf Bag Cake

This was super duper fun to make although I almost ruined it when trying to cover the cake.. but hehe luckily managed to save it.. (can u guess which part was almost ruined? *gigglesss..*).. Well this cake was ordered by one of my loyal customer for her Bf and she only requested two things: that the golf bag to be red colour and that the Golf ball to be 'gold' .. that was easy.. hehe.. the rest were left to me to work with.  The cake fillings is Indonesian Layer cake.. one of my premium cake flavour.. as I myself is Indonesian.. :))

Can you see what inside the pocket??

Brand Launch of Mama Et Bambini ~ Shoes Shoes Shoes

This was the first event of a Brand Launch that I did last week. It was an event for a new Brand collection of Shoes Shoes Shoes, a boutique store in Bangsar, KL. This collection is targeted for girls aged between 3 years to 8 years old and most of the design comes in a set with the mother's shoes too.. (how cute is that??) Fortunately I dont have a daughter or else hahaha.. Ill be broke cos each time I'l be buying a set for us (*lol*)..  Well.. I think I should let the pictures do the talking.. sooo...Scroll down people!!! :))

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sneak Preview of My Dessert Table ..

This Saturday, Im asked to do a 'Dessert Table' for this Shoes Boutique called "Shoes, shoes, shoes by Bambini for their new "Brand Launch " at their Bangsar Shop in KL. 

Anyway, I wont say no more as I'll surely upload pics for the whole things..but meanwhile.. just a sneak preview hehehe (too cute not to share..).. *drumroll*.. my hehehe simple yet cute Marshmallow Pops Flower Bouquet!