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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Sugar & Spice..and Everything Nice ~ That's What LIttle Girl are made Of"

Yup..another baby shower order to do..and this time its a Girl..yay.. loves doing girly stuff as theres just soo many more things you can do with a Baby Girl Baby Shower Themed...

So after some consultation from the customer (the friend who's organising this Baby shower party), she told me that the Mummy to be loves to cook.. and infact..she's very good at it.. (Jamie Oliver's standard..~ wow.. what a lucky hb n kids.. to have her.. hehe..).  So yeah.. wanna me to come up with a kitchen theme.. so after few hours of brainstorming and lotsss of googling.. I've come up with this theme.. "Sugar & Spice.. and Everything nice ~ that's what little girl are made of! This theme will reflect the kitchen theme very well and at the same time I reckoned, it goes well with having a baby.. as I believe its truly like, sugar and spice.. sweet and spicy.. cos you dont just get to enjoy the baby's cuteness and sweetness but all the spicy works that goes with it.. eg: nappy changing, sleepless nite.. and the list goes on and on...

Anyway, back to the cake topic.. so for this Baby Shower Themed, I did a 3D cake to resemble a kitchen and the Mummy to be with her big belly cooking and smiling so happy, behind the counter is the sugar n spice's figurine to match with this theme.. and the baby blankets and baby blocks to resemble that this cake is for a baby shower.. as I feel otherwise there isnt any touch of 'Baby' in this cake..
And for the Guest's Gift Favour, the customer requested a fondant cookies.  I did 2 designs of the cookies and design the packaging according to the theme... and did my first cake pops!! YAY.. finally got around to do this babies..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bubbly Ducks Baby Shower (Baby Boy)

A very last minute order for a Baby Boy Themed Baby Shower party held in Plaza Mont Kiara.  They leave the theme up to me to decide and to propose on the goods, so due to the last minute timing, I can only proposed the cake, cupcakes as gift favour for the guests, some marshmallow pack to go with the colour theme (blue, white and yellow), individually wrapped caramel popcorn packs and a customised label water bottle.  The themed I went for this time was "Bubbly Ducks Baby Shower" with the main cake to resemble a bubble bath that the "mummy to be" enjoying before the arrival of her precious darling.. cos hahaha believe me (Im a mummy so I know).. once the lil one comes out.. bubble bath is truly a precious time.. which you probably wont get to enjoy!! hahaha... 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Classic Chanel Cake

I made this cake on the same night after I finished the Amway Diamond Pin Cake.  This cake is very special as this is for my good friend's birthday, her birthday falls on new year's eve.. and so happened we're having a new year's eve celebration at a friend's house in KL.. so I planned to give her a suprised.. and yup.. she was suprised.. unfortunately, I couldnt make the cake tat I intended to, at first I wanted to make a 3D fashion bag Cake but due to the other order that I took ealier, time just didnt persist.. So yeah.. just a simple classic design for my dearest friend Christine!! love ya.. gal!!

Heres some of the pics of our 2011 NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amway's Diamond Pin Cake

My first corporate cake.. yeahhh.. was so thrilled when asked to do this.. Its kind off different to the usual novelty cakes that I did, there isnt any first 'wow' effect but nevertheless it is a very nice elegant looking cake.. very sleek i reckoned ~ simple yet elegant! The theme requested is in a shape of Amway's Diamond Pin for the diamond level achievers.. luckily I did managed to find a big diamond looking plastic crystal in a craftshop!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A sweet Customised 2 Tiers Cakes

I've got this request to do a 2 tiers cakes (the bottom of the cake's diameter is 22cm and the top is 15cm, height abt 8cm) for a 1st year Birthday of the customer's daughter.. she emailed me the design of the cake (so yeah, wanted to credit whoever did this design, this time its not my design but fully owe it to whoever made this similar cake out there, the original cake has a cow figurine on top) but for this cake, customer requested of a little baby girl figurine wearing a customised dress alike (that she'll be wearing during the party) and beside her to have a cow figurine.  So yeah..this is the result.. a very fresh chic looking, simple, elegant yet playful and sweet looking cake.. Im totally loving this cake!!! What you think???