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Monday, November 30, 2009

Bridal Bear Cake themed with matching cupcakezz

I had a last minute order to do a wedding cake for customer (less than 5 days notices.. eeekkss..) and was given freehand on the design but requested on the pastel pink/white colour themes... Decided to do a set of bridal bear of the bride and groom and the matching spring flower cupcakes to compliment the cake.. The big cake's flavour was Moist Chocolate Mudcake frosted with vanilla almond frosting and the cupcakes' flavour was chocolate fudge with espresso frosting.. super rich and flavoursome cake.. hope the bride will loves this creation...ahaha as the flower details on the cake took agesss to stick...:P

Sunday, November 29, 2009

12 CUTE Chinese Animal Horoscope Cupcakez set..

I remember weeks before I made this design, I was very nervous as it is really a challenging request.. but as the hand started to make those lil cute animal figurines, I actually enjoyed doing it and had a lot of fun doing it. I tried to be as creative as i can as it was quite challenging to try to make it look real and at the same time to do a cartoon cute version.. *giggles*..

Nevertheless, Im pretty pleased with the end result especially with the monkey and the tiger.. hehe.. the dragon on the other hand was very hard to do and Im not too sure if I did a good job... Think my dragon doesnt really look like one but more like a baby dinosarous.. hehe.. :P
Anyway, here's I present to you the 3D design of the 12 (cute version) Chinese Animal Horoscope cupcakeszzz... (btw, flavour was chocolate walnuts frosted with Espresso frosting..) - the orders are according to the Chinese Calender..

So there you go, all the 12 Chinese Horoscope Animals in 3D cupcakes version!!

A gift for Princess.. (baby girl design)

I had the chance to do another design on the baby girl fullmoon design for a baby girl with the nickname "PRINCESS" so decided to do it a bit different.. Did the baby girl figurine sleeping with her favourite bear blankie... so adorable.. and the words to spell out princes... I love this design.. just loves the sweet pink/white combination.. pretty!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wedding Theme Cupcakes

Dont you just loved going to wedding dinner where one is beautifully decorated and all the matching colours themed... and everything just soo pretty and delightful to see.. well im one of those gals who loves colour themes and wedding is usualy very visually appealing.. so recently when I was asked to do cupcakes for wedding gift favour, I was very excited.. and therefore busy searching for a nice packaging etc to go with the wedding theme cupcakes.. To me Packaging is equally important to the product in it as I believed that a beautifully presented gift shows that the person giving has taken the extra time with it and its truly a gift from the heart... haha its just me and my perception..

Anyway, I did this dozenssss of pink & white theme cupcakes for the wedding of Alan & Stephanie which was held at Equatorial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The cupcakes were packed in a twin box, each set contains white and pink cupcakes decorated with pretty lil flowers and pearl candy, wrapped in gold ribbon and comes with a personalised tag that writes the Bride & Groom's name and their special date... Simply delightful dont you think so??

I also made this extra gift for the Bride and Groom themselves to express my "CONGRATULATIONS" on their special day. The set of wedding cupcakes gift with pretty rose, Bride&Groom sugar piece with their initial and the word CONGRATULATION.. I hope they'll like this and would like to wish them a very Happy Marriage that'll last forever.. Congrats again to you both Alan & Stephanie.. and thank you for the order!! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes Set

Merry Christmas Everyone.. HO..HO..HO..
Its gonna be that time of the year again... one of my favourite holiday season. It is the time of JOY, GIVING & SHARING.. and spreading LOVE to your loved one, to friends and family.. cos that was the day Christ was born to be our SAVIOUR!! I really love this time of the year as all the street lights and shops at the mall will be filled with pretty and beautiful decorations.. and hearing all the xmas songs just makes me smile in joy.. I remember being in Perth last time shopping for all the xmas gifts for friends and relatives.. over in the western country, Christmas time was celebrated in quite a fullscale compare to Asian country.. but guess our country here is catching up.. anyway, to celebrate this year's Christmas, Im having a special offer and promotion set for all of you to enjoy. PERFECT for gifts to the loved one, friends and family.. or simply to enjoy for yourself at home..

9 cupcakes in a box consists of..

1) 3D Santa figurines (1)
2) 3D Christmas tree (1)
3) 3 D Snowman (1)
4) 2D Snowflakes logo (2)

Balance of 4 cupcakes in full fondant to spell out ~


Hurry, limited sets are taken only ~ those interested,
Please email me at:
Set of 8 cupcakes (design of wording may vary)

Set of 10 cupcakes

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Golf themed cake with Peach Blossom Cupcakes

I had a request to do a cake for a friend's father in law's 70th birthday... Since the Birthday Recipient likes to play golf, its only natural for me to decide on a golf theme (my 2nd golf themed cake) and my friend also requested for some cupcakes with the prosperity peach on top.. In chinese culture, theres a lot of symbols to represent so many different things in wishing somebody good fortune and "Peach Blossom" is one of the symbol that I see in a lot of cake shapes design among all the elderly's birthday party. I know its meant to be something good and prosperous wishes but I wanted to google the true meaning of it and apparently Peach Blossoms' symbol represent longevity. That is why this particular symbols mainly used and given to those elderly people on their birthday.. Interesting isnt.. !!

Anyway, made this fullcake with a figurine that represent the elderly birthday man.. Im not sure if you guys can see if the guy supposed to be in his 60s or younger .. hehe..but yeah..the grey hair is one hint and theres' wrinkles on the forehead and corner of the eyes if you look closely.. :P the border of the cake (the grasses) are also full of silver beads to make the cake looked more mature and elegant.. (haha dunno if tat works..) The peach blossoms cupcakes were sprinkled with food colouring sprinkly dusts.. for shimmery effects..