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Friday, July 31, 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic at the Lake Park Themed

This cake was a challenge for me to make as it falls on the same day of my other order and also that this cake is ha ha.. the biggest cake I did ever... plus I didnt feel too well that day too. So I tried to do my best but I ended up doing it until 2.30am and still not very satisfied with the results. Therefore, the next day, I changed the design a bit and finally have come up with this final result and quite happy with it. The only thing that Im not quite happy is that this cake was made for a friend's mother in law's and the aunty's double birthday celebration. So it was supposed to be a cake for a more mature customers but instead the cake turned out more of "kids' type of cake..".. :( But luckily, they all loved my cake. ~ she smsed...'PHEWWWW'... (a Big RElief!!!).

This was a Carrot Cake with walnuts and raisins flavoured frosted with vanilla with a tinged of orange flavour buttercream frosting. It is almost 2kgs in weight and 26cm in diameter. This cake resembled "FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, TOGETHERNESS, QUIET FUN TIME, and FOREVER YOUNG FRIENDSHIP" which was reflected on the two bears (two close friends) having a picnic together in a beautiful sunny day out in the lake park...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BEN10 theme Cake

A while back before I made my first decorated cake - Thomas cake, I had a few request if I can do a Ben10 themed cake as currently it is like one of the most hottest cartoon and hero figurine among all the school aged kids under 10 yrs old ( I think..) But obviously I told them I dont do fullcakes as Im only interested in making cupcakezz hehe..little did they know that I had never make a full decorated big cake before.. (*thee..hee...*).. But after I posted the picture of my Thomas Cake on my FB's site (pls add me for those that hasn't add me yet: Leni suriyani, there's more photos there!) , I had several order of full cakes and one of them was asking me if I could do Ben10 cake for her eldest son's coming birthday (which was less than a week time) but I told her that I dont think I can. After putting down the phone with her, suddenly I felt like it is such a good challenge in order for me to improve on my cake and decorating skils so thus, without hesistating, I sms her saying that I'll do her cake. At that point, I'm pretty clueless of what is Ben10 and what's the cartoon all about as you see, my world still revolved around Mickey Mouse, Dino the gift dragon, Pokoyo, Barney, Sesame street, Thomas and all those cartoons for below 3yrs old kids.. hehe..

So after work, I decided to head over to my friend's house who has a 5 yrs old son whom I know is crazyy about Ben10.. told her that I have to interview her son for one of my cake project (*giggles*).. hehe.. so yeah.. the lil boy told me the story of Ben10 and his famous magic watch and the aliens that he can tranformed into.. and eeerrr...that he likes to eat worms too??!!! *YIKKKESSS... gross...*

And now.. I can proudly tell my other non-kids friends or those that dont know what is Ben10 and hehe ..telling them.. "You dont know this new-aged cartoon meh.. " *lol*....
Anyway, I had such a fun time decorating this cake although the first part of covering the cake with the buttercream was quite frustrating.. (not really good with buttercream). Btw, this was a 1kg fondant cake and cupcakez with the ben10 edible image. The flavour was "Chocolate butter cake frosted with chocolate and milo flavour" ( I called this my "Chocolate MADness" flavour cake.. :P)

The Famous "Omnitrix"

Ben10 giving a Present for the Birthday Boy! ~ "HAPPY BDAY CHIEW JIUN"

Ben10 cupcakezz with edible image

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My First Decorated non-cupcake.. :)


"They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shouting trucks and hauling freight
Red and green and brown and blue,
they're the really useful crew..."
"All with different roles to play
Round tidmouth sheds or far away,
Down the hills and round the bends,
James is vain but lots of fun
Percy pulls the mail on time
Gordon thunders down the line
E M I L Y really knows her stuff
Henry toots and huffs and puffs
Edwards wants to help and share
Toby, well let's say he's square ...."
back to chorus..
That was the theme songs of Thomas and his friends that I always hear on TV when my son watches the cartoon.. I didnt really take much notice of the words except for the tunes.. Till ..now after I did my first big cake (flavour was Mad Banana with Chocolate Chips and extra banana fillings in the middle, topped with a tinge of orange flavour buttercream frosting) on Thomas themed and research on the theme and its song.. *giggles..* lets say that I very well knows it by heart and now the song keeps playing in my head nonstop.... hahaha.. And BOY OH BOY.... didnt know that there's many friends of Thomas.. as after I did this cake for a friend's 5yrs old son who really loves Thomas, I had a few enquiries asking me if I can do Thomas n Friend's cake.. I thought b4 Thomas only have around 3-4 friends.. didnt know there are 8 (EIGHT!!) of em' .. *lol* ... hmm.. who wants Thomas and his 7 friends cake???!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Weijian, Hoopee you like the cake and
had a wonderful Bday celebration... God Bless You..!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mini Decorated Cakes

Recently I bought some cake decorated books and was finally got the time to practise making some of the decorated mini cake that was in one of the recipe.. This was a simple heart shaped mini cake (about 4 inches wide) decorated with chocolate ganache frosting and a simple elegant red rose, gold pearl and gold ribbon wrapped around the cake. The flavour inside was "Lychee Vanilla Sponge Cake with Lychee fillings". The cake was actually tasted much better after day 1 as the flavour of the lychee really sipped inside the cake and you can not only tasted the lychee flavour but also smell the wonderful sweet aroma of the fruit..

My 1.5 years old son was very excited when I took picture of the cake and was clapping his hand happily, then I decided that hey..lets have him to model for the cake and holding the book.. so he happily and excitedly obliged.... cheerss...

Then... it happened....

SMACCCKKK...!!! THERE GOES MY 1ST MINI DECORATED CAKE.. ALLL CRUMPLED.. (sigh... notti boy.. but luckily it wasnt an order or anything.... so i wasn't too mad..and was dissapointed cos the cake was supposed to be for dear hb... hehe..oh well... at least he gets to see the cake b4 his son decided to imprint his hand on it!!!...) *giggles*

Friday, July 24, 2009

LuVaBLE Theme..

I've got an order from someone recently and it was a free design cupcakez.. so I can do whatever I want.. It isn't as easy as one think to try to come up with a theme and I didnt want to simply make a mixed design.. So after many days of *scratching head*... think.. thinkk.. thinkk... I still couldnt come out with design.. You see..its probably easier if customer would to give a theme to you or a hint to what they like, then the ideas will just come flowing out.. Then suddenly, I felt like making a teddybear and perfecting my teddybear making skills.. and started to plays around with my heart cutter and therefore, I come out creating this lovely Teddy Bear whom I give him a name "Mr. Luvable Bear" as he just look soo luvable holding this sweet heart as if saying.. "will you love me... "... (*hints for those wanting to order 'ANNIVERSARY', 'VALENTINE', theme cupcakes.. I could do a similar design and customise it too...*grinn...*)... so anyway.. with this Mr.Luvable, come out my 'Luvable cupcakezz theme'

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Colony of Bees Themed Cupcakezz... bzzzz...zzzz...

I have actually been very excited to make this bee's cupcakezz themed as there were soo many ideas playing inside my head.. and this order was actually supposed to be done for Saturday but instead it was pushed last minute to today and I agreed.. so yeah.. that was like a madd madd rush.. after works, straight to the kitchen ready for some battle wif the bees.. hehehe... and cos i was short of time, i just have to make do with watever i can do.. but nonetheless, although it wasnt exactly what i planned, I was quite happy with the end result and so was Penny.. hehe.. I hope your friends will like this gift Penny... :P

The Bees' Gathering..

The Different type of bees..

My 'QUEEN' Bee - smoochhh...!!!

Busy Beez...

'lil Bobby Bee'

Bee's soldiers..