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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mini Decorated Cakes

Recently I bought some cake decorated books and was finally got the time to practise making some of the decorated mini cake that was in one of the recipe.. This was a simple heart shaped mini cake (about 4 inches wide) decorated with chocolate ganache frosting and a simple elegant red rose, gold pearl and gold ribbon wrapped around the cake. The flavour inside was "Lychee Vanilla Sponge Cake with Lychee fillings". The cake was actually tasted much better after day 1 as the flavour of the lychee really sipped inside the cake and you can not only tasted the lychee flavour but also smell the wonderful sweet aroma of the fruit..

My 1.5 years old son was very excited when I took picture of the cake and was clapping his hand happily, then I decided that hey..lets have him to model for the cake and holding the book.. so he happily and excitedly obliged.... cheerss...

Then... it happened....

SMACCCKKK...!!! THERE GOES MY 1ST MINI DECORATED CAKE.. ALLL CRUMPLED.. (sigh... notti boy.. but luckily it wasnt an order or anything.... so i wasn't too mad..and was dissapointed cos the cake was supposed to be for dear hb... hehe..oh well... at least he gets to see the cake b4 his son decided to imprint his hand on it!!!...) *giggles*

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