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Thursday, July 30, 2009

BEN10 theme Cake

A while back before I made my first decorated cake - Thomas cake, I had a few request if I can do a Ben10 themed cake as currently it is like one of the most hottest cartoon and hero figurine among all the school aged kids under 10 yrs old ( I think..) But obviously I told them I dont do fullcakes as Im only interested in making cupcakezz hehe..little did they know that I had never make a full decorated big cake before.. (*thee..hee...*).. But after I posted the picture of my Thomas Cake on my FB's site (pls add me for those that hasn't add me yet: Leni suriyani, there's more photos there!) , I had several order of full cakes and one of them was asking me if I could do Ben10 cake for her eldest son's coming birthday (which was less than a week time) but I told her that I dont think I can. After putting down the phone with her, suddenly I felt like it is such a good challenge in order for me to improve on my cake and decorating skils so thus, without hesistating, I sms her saying that I'll do her cake. At that point, I'm pretty clueless of what is Ben10 and what's the cartoon all about as you see, my world still revolved around Mickey Mouse, Dino the gift dragon, Pokoyo, Barney, Sesame street, Thomas and all those cartoons for below 3yrs old kids.. hehe..

So after work, I decided to head over to my friend's house who has a 5 yrs old son whom I know is crazyy about Ben10.. told her that I have to interview her son for one of my cake project (*giggles*).. hehe.. so yeah.. the lil boy told me the story of Ben10 and his famous magic watch and the aliens that he can tranformed into.. and eeerrr...that he likes to eat worms too??!!! *YIKKKESSS... gross...*

And now.. I can proudly tell my other non-kids friends or those that dont know what is Ben10 and hehe ..telling them.. "You dont know this new-aged cartoon meh.. " *lol*....
Anyway, I had such a fun time decorating this cake although the first part of covering the cake with the buttercream was quite frustrating.. (not really good with buttercream). Btw, this was a 1kg fondant cake and cupcakez with the ben10 edible image. The flavour was "Chocolate butter cake frosted with chocolate and milo flavour" ( I called this my "Chocolate MADness" flavour cake.. :P)

The Famous "Omnitrix"

Ben10 giving a Present for the Birthday Boy! ~ "HAPPY BDAY CHIEW JIUN"

Ben10 cupcakezz with edible image

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