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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Colourful Ball Pit!!

What's every lil kid's like?? colourful balls, jumping around in the ball pit, sugar, candies, chocolates.. rainbow??!! WELL..this cake has it all.. its every kid's imaginary playground... Made this cake for a 1 year old Birthday gal, the theme was inspired by a friend who mentioned the word Balloons on this latest movie..cant really recall the name.. hmm.. "up..up and away??" The story of this man that hangs lots of baloons to this hot air baloon.. im not really sure if I got the whole storyline correct..but oh well.. hehe.. thats what inspired me to make this super duper colourful cake!! Flavour was Lemon Buttercake!! very fresh.. as fresh as this theme cake!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Somehow or rather, a lot of people adore the bees theme as I kept getting request to make bees.. and this time around, the request is from a Gal for her Bf ~ Honey Bee.. I decided to make the bees to be slightly different this time, cuter version i guess and definitely more cartoonish. The gal wanted me to make a 'male' and 'female' version of the bees so yeah.. I tried my best and have come out with this adorable two cute bumble bees that look soo drunkenly in love!! *giggles lol* The theme that goes with this order consisted of the two love bears holding the word "Bee Mine!" and some pretty butterfly that symbolised ' love, free spirit, happy spring time'.. hehe.. thats how I look at my creation, not sure about you people out there!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My 1st two-tiered Wedding themed cake & matching cupcakez

Made this cake for a friend's wedding during her wedding registration day. This is two tiered wedding/engagement theme cake with the matching cupcakez design. The flavour was Chocolate based rum and raisins with cappucino rum frosting. All the roses were made from gumpaste and took very longg time to do!! Nevertheless,... so pleased with the final result, it comes out Very Elegant, as elegant as the Bride that day!! Congrats Anne on your special Day!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bonding Time with Beloved Daddy

This cake was requested by this girl who wanted a Birthday cake for her Dad. She wanted to have a cake that resembled the closeness and bonding ambience between her and her dad. So I choose this theme of a father and daughter sitting on their living room area just having a father/daughter time, playing chess and having some snacks and drinks. Flavour of this 1.3kg cake was Chocolate almond.

Golf Theme Buddies Cake

My customer wanted a cake for her beloved HB and his close friend who happened to be celebrating their birthday together. Since both of the men loves to play golf, I suggested the golf themed cake with each figurine resembling the guys. It's quite a fun cake to make and I was quite happy with the result. The cake's flavour was chocolate mudcake with Cream baileys frosting.

Ps: The customer smsed me that nite saying "Everyone stared at the cake amaze and the cake is good, thanks.. " always so happy hearing a good comment from customer.. makes my heart jumps in joy.. thanks Jamie..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Under The Sea, Down by the ocean.. Cupcakezz Theme

Did this "UNDER THE SEA, DOWN BY THE OCEAN' Cupcakez tower theme for my friend's 2nd daughter Qing's 1st Birthday Party. She wanted some lettering for the cake that spells 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY QING' and also some 3D sea creatures. So I the lettering in a slightly different way to make it more girlish, I added some lil flowers.. which I reckoned looked soo sweet.. and pretty.. heehe.. The flavour of the cupcakez was "Banana Chocolate Chip". There were total of 55 cupcakez (25 standard size cupcakez, 4 small cupcakez and 26 mini cupcakezz..(soo cute..).

The cupcakez displayed at the Party

Friday, September 4, 2009

My sis's 25th Birthday Cake

This cake is super special.. hehe cos its for my beloved and only sis's 25th Birthday Celebration.. and not only that, to make it more special is that My sis took a flight down from Perth all the way to Singapore and me driving all the way there to Singapore to meet her and celebrated her Birthday together.. yes.. Drove all the way there from Malaysia.. while holding the cake on my lap the whole 4 hours!!!.. and i did her cake till 3.30am in the morning as that day I have another cupcakez order!! See what sister will do to sacrifice for her other sistas.. :P Anyway, heres the cake, it was a Chocolate Cake.. and I did the cake in my sister's version... and copied her hot pink dress!! so happen that night during dinner she wore a hot pink top too.. *giggles*

My sister and her cake!!

Happy Birthday to uuuuu...!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Everywhere I see now is cupcakez... and cute cupcakezzz... and all i dreamed n fantasied is cupcakezz.. haha.. joking!!!.. anyway.. heres a few more of my cupcakez orders' pics...