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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Cupcakes

I posted the blog on the expo on my last entry, so, here' are the clearer individual picture of the wedding cupcakes themed that I did then!!

The Royale Bintang Wedding Expo

I got a last minute call from my florist friend who did all the table and floral arrangements at one of Seremban's best hotel last week.  Its very last minute (the day itself) but Im thrilled and jumped at the opportunity as the other cake vendors pulled out last minute so theres a space for me to showcase my cupcakes.. Since the timing given were very short, I only managed to design 9 wedding themed cupcakes and packaged some in a box. 

So yeah.. heres some picture of my wedding themed cupcakes and the expo's pictures!! Enjoy!!!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Another Disney Theme and this time, the customer requested to have the mickey mouse's clubhouse as a fondant topper! I loved making all disney related theme as they're just so fun to make and colourful to see!! and my son super duper lovedd this cake!! Almost too sad to give it away!! :((

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes Set

Did this simple mickey mouse cupcake's design but turned out to be very appealing.. so in the mood to  take lotssaaa picture with it.. *lol* .. and I had to literally beg my son to lend me his favourite mickey mouse soft toy that we got him since he was 5mths old and he's so attached to it that it goes with him whereever he goes!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thomas Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies Set!!

Thomas & Friends.. what can I say.. he's such a favourite to most kids age 2-7yrs old..Most kids loves Thomas.. and till today I cant really figured out whay cos haha honestly although my son loves Thomas too, I dont find 'it' too appealing and hahaha kinda freaks me out looking at his face when im doing my decor at night and my son's thomas toys was just lying on floor looking at me.. loll.. but hey..thats just my personal opinion, so forget what I said k..(*grinn*)...

Anyway, this is a long overdue post.  I did this for a very lucky 5 years old boy whose mother also lovesss Thomas and collected a lot of Thomas related items!!  The mum wanted full on Thomas & Friends Themes for the kids.. so here's goes!!!

Popcornlicious.. only from thecupcakelicious :PP

Customer sent me this happy celebration pics.. soo cute!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Party Decoration

Since Ive posted too many pics and a very long blog on my son's Thomas The Train Themed Party, I decided to post more on his party decor ~ all handmade by me :P

This is the customised paper cupcake topper made from high resolution glossy art paper 128g with customised printed lettering. I did two design, this "Happy Birthday Branden" with a train picture and another design (below) the number 3. Both with the same theme colour and design.

And then I customised this Thank You gift tags in a same colour themed.

Inside the box was a Thomas DVD as a gift Favour to each family

Another Label I made, this can be used for many different things

I used it to make a customised bottle label

I did labelling for the food and candy jars too, but didnt managed to take many close up shots :(

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mickey Mouse's Cupcakes ~ For My Son's Bday Celebration in School

Since my son's bday was hold at home and I can only invited limited guests due to the size of our home and my capacity (we actually had about 40 ppl during the home party), I cant invite all my son's school friends.  So I decided to throw in another simple party for his little friends at his Montessory Learning Centre.  Branden really loves Mickey Mouse and since the other party theme was Thomas, I decided to do a Mickey Themed Party for his School party. 

I made the simple cupcakes using edible Mickey Mouse paper and also for the popcorn (as one of the gift pack), I decor it using Minnie & Donald's cupcake topper (its actualy a topper but i cut the bottom part), unable to find Mickey so these will have to do!

I also made some marshmallow pops in 2 different colours using sparkling candy sugar and I ordered some mini sausage buns and packaged it myself! There were some leftover Mickey's ear Party Hat that I made 2 years ago for my son's 1st birthday party ( He had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themed Party then). 

Soo happy to see all the little kid's face when they saw me brought this basket of Goodies!!  All the night work was worth it the moment I saw their face lighted up, esp. my lil boy!! :))