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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thomas Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies Set!!

Thomas & Friends.. what can I say.. he's such a favourite to most kids age 2-7yrs old..Most kids loves Thomas.. and till today I cant really figured out whay cos haha honestly although my son loves Thomas too, I dont find 'it' too appealing and hahaha kinda freaks me out looking at his face when im doing my decor at night and my son's thomas toys was just lying on floor looking at me.. loll.. but hey..thats just my personal opinion, so forget what I said k..(*grinn*)...

Anyway, this is a long overdue post.  I did this for a very lucky 5 years old boy whose mother also lovesss Thomas and collected a lot of Thomas related items!!  The mum wanted full on Thomas & Friends Themes for the kids.. so here's goes!!!

Popcornlicious.. only from thecupcakelicious :PP

Customer sent me this happy celebration pics.. soo cute!!

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