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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thomas The Train Themed Party ~ My son's 3rd Bday


I started to be obsessed with theme party when I planned for my sister’s bridal shower party 6 mths ago in Perth, Australia. Right then, I began scounting on pretty jars and servingwares and since its not easy to find/buy them in Malaysia, I even handcarried it all the way back from Australia.. (I know.. what u’re all thinking..told ya I was OBSESSED!! *grinnn*)

The idea to throw a “Thomas The Train Birthday Theme” was due to the fact that My lil boy loves Thomas so much (a while back – now he’s moving on to different things although he still adores Thomas) and he was much spoiled by his grandparents and aunties who bought him many different Thomas toys. So as I was loaded by lots of Thomas toys, I figured it'll saves me time and $$ for the party!

Anyway, once I decided on the colour theme (primary colour was Blue and Red while the secondary colour white and yellow – just to add a splash of cheerfulness..:))), the sourcing and scouring of all things related to Thomas and to my colour theme began.. for weeks, I went to all gifts shops, souvenirs shops, craftshops, scrapbooking shops, toys shops and even scouring the internet for anything Thomas related for my inspiration and decorations of the party!! I actually did all of the decor myself as its very hard to find things like this in Malaysia (Customised Birthday Garland Flag, all the labels etc).

I had a good time and enjoyed every step of the planning & preparation of this theme party.. although there were times stress filled in my head.. (LOL.. cos the time getting nearer.. and soo much things to do.. ) and I thought.. stuff this man.. what did I get myself into (hohoho..) but I guess the end result was well worth it especially seeing the happy smiley face of my son and his little friends.. although Im also glad that its over!!

The party was held last weekend in our side car porch area as it was shaded, thankfully the weather was quite sunny although I was very worried few hours before as the sky was very cloudy and it was a bit windy! I can probably said that it was quite a success as everyone had a wonderful time, although there were a few decoration and food stuff that I totally forgot to serve as we had lotsss of foods to serve and lots of candy/dessert related items.. I was very much overwhelmed that day and at one stage almost huhahahha.. ‘Faint’ (figure of speech of course..:P ) as the night before it took me 10 hrs to make the 3D Thomas Cake ( I did it till 5am in the morning!!)

Allright.. speak no more.. now please all you hop on Thomas (choo..choo) and join me for a photo tour of the Thomas The Train Party!!!

Obviously more than half of the effort were spend on making this colourful Dessert Table (inspired by Amy Atlas ~ loves her work!!!).  As it was quite difficult to find a certain coloured candies back here, they have very limited in choice! hence the self made marshmallow pops just to add colour!! :))

The Invitation ~ Softcopy
The flower tissue decoration was inspired by Martha Stewart's decor tip (was very easy to make!!) and we hanged balloons (with water to hold it in place) as it was quite windy that day!
Colourful Cups with Colour Straws for added decorations

The Personalised Cupcake Topper in whimsical cupcakes liners!! - super loved this!!

Some of the homemade food made by me and my mother in law!! (Thanks mum!!)

Thank you gift - inside was a Thomas DVD !!

Part of the
Personalised Bottle Label

The Replica Thomas 3D Birthday Cake (well I tried!! :P )

For those sweet tooth!!

A simple Yellow carnation flower as decor to add the mood!! (*lovesss carnation**)

I made these cookies as part of the Thank you gift to each guests, the picture was printed using edible sugar paper

Marshmallow Pops with coloured chocolates

Marshmallow Pops sprinkled with coloured sugar

The Highlights of the Event was when the Kids were savouring bits of Thomas and *sob-sob* "Tortured" him.. !!

Night Display!


BN said...

Wow...wht a lovely party :) So envious :) Happy Belated Birthday Branden!

The Cupcake Chic said...

hi BN,

thank u for your comment!! hehe.. btw whos this ya? :P

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Natural Momma said...

In my quest to find someone to make edible printables for cookies as party favors at my son's upcoming Thomas-themed party I found your blog. You are insanely talented and creative! I hope you don't mind but I'm totally going to steal some of your ideas :-)

Anonymous said...

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ann reardon said...

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The Cupcake Chic said...

Hi , thank you all for dropping by, sorry i just notice your comment, thanks natural mom and u welcome to use the ideas :P

thank you ann reardon for featuring my thomas the theme party on your website. :)))

Ann said...

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