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Friday, September 24, 2010

Preparing for My sis's WEdding DAy!!

Hi all, Sorry I have not been updating my blog.. and will not be blogging till 2nd week of October.. the reason is due to preparing for my lil sis's Wedding day.. in Bali.. yeah.. she's getting married and we're all so happy and excited for her.  Im her matron of honour and also has volunteer to make 100 cupcakes for her wedding day.. so the past 2 weeks has been busy making all the pre-decor etc.. and arranging all the other wedding duties.. So nervous yet thrilled!!! cant wait!! so Yeah.. Keep tuned for beautiful pics... (hopefully).. *giggles..***  So yeah..meanwhile all orders after 2nd week September and 1st week of October has been rejected due to this Celebration day.. (apologised for those that order but unable to meet ur order!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

IT's A BOY!!!

Yay its a Baby Boy!! What a better way to announced the arrival of your precious bundle of joys by giving out Gift Pack to your closest friends and relatives.. and hehehe.. Thecupcakelicious have a special customised Baby Fullmoon Gift Pack (according to your budget) for this special once in a lifetime occassion (every baby is special and unique rite hehehe thats why I said once in a lifetime heheh..:P)

Anyway, let me tell you who ordered this baby fullmoon cupcakes this time, its my dear customer friend, Stephannie and Alan.  They actually got married last year and ordered the wedding gift cupcakes set (and chocolate set) from me so its such a pleasant suprise to received another order from them for the announcing news of their lil baby boy!!  Once again , thank you guys and CONGRATULATIONS.. and Steph.. dont worry, you'll be one Hot Momma and a Great one too... :))) *cheerssss*...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Snowbear Theme Cupcakes

I was asked to do a Bear theme (seems to be the most favourite as they're soo sweet, luvable n you can do so many bear types) for a Baby Girl's 1st Year birthday.  So this time, i decided to do a white bear and a 2D white bear face for the fondant cupcakes.. and Im really really satisfy with the result.. the snowbear (hehe thats wat I decided to call it) looked soo pure, cute and very innocent.. :)

Jumbo Size cupcake (double the size of standard cupcake)

Monday, September 6, 2010

I love Polka Dots!!

This seem to be quite a popular design as this is my 3rd time making the polkadots cupcakes and my 2nd time doing this set.. guess its the polkadots that attracts heheehe.. i must admit.. I lovedd polka dots!! so classic yet so cute!

This cake was ordered by a customer in Australia (we communicated thru email and call) for her niece - Belle's 1st year birthday.  Not only she's ordering this cake for her lovely niece, shes flying up to Msia to celebrated it together... *Awwwww... isnt she's such a sweet sweet aunty?? * hehehe.. im sure ur niece will love this cake Ashley.. thanks for the order ya.. hope u'll love it as much as I loved making em..*grinnn..*

Friday, September 3, 2010

Have a Cheeesssyyy Birthday!!

This was the other cake of the 3 cakes that my customer ordered.. and for this combined birthday cake, she requested to have Mango Cheesecake and since both the birthday boy and girl are born in the year of rats ( I did mentioned that didnt I?) and its a cheesecake, I decided to do a cheese theme and heheh..mices loveddd cheese dont they? so yeah.. two lil mices (one resemble the bday girl - shes 14yrs and the lil one resemble the lil boy - 2 yrs old) piggin on cheese .. and the bday slogan to say out "HAVE A CHEESEY BIRTHDAY!!" is just perfect I reckoned!!!
ps: i apologised for the picture quality as this was taken at night - i didnt hv time to take a photo.. and it was raining.. so very cloudy!

Mice Girl Cupcake Set

For the same customer who ordered the cupcakes for her son, she also ordered balance of the 6 cupcakes for her daughter.. and I decided to try this new design , which I called it my "Set cupcakes design", so now customers can opt for this new design.. I really like it as its very matchy and simple yet elegant.. What do you all think??

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple Cuppies For Clement!

My son's kindy friend was celebrating his birthday at school last monday and I made these simple cupcakes for him!! His mother ordered 3 different cake from me (one set for school, another set for his sister who happens to have the exact same birthday as him and one extra cheesecake for the family - so yeah..busy baking as u've guessed..) *grin*...

I didnt have time to take a picture and it was raining so outside was very dark.. so very happen, the mom took a very nice pic and pass me the pic! Thank you so much SL.

Jewwel Visiting The Zoo

For this cake and cupcakes set, my customer requested a figurine of her daughter named Jewwel. She likes to go to the Singapore Zoo and loves to bring her Elmo doll everywhere and also loves animals.. so this theme is so perfect for her Bday cake!! At the same time , my customer also requested to have the figurine's dress (emailed me pic) to be the dress that Jewwel will be wearing for the party!!  :PP i really love this lil gal doll figurine and so saddd to let her go!! sniff ...:( but shes off to a better home!! :)