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Friday, August 28, 2009

Haute Couture Cupcakezz Collections

Its every girl and woman's dreams to own Designer goods... especially LV and Chanel Bags.. hehe but since not everybody can afford em' Why not order some Designer's cupcakezz instead.. Not only its cheap, its cute and you can eat it too!! *giggles*.. anyway.. here's my "Haute Couture" Cupcakezz Collections...

Cupcakez Tree Stand (Lovely isnt?!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

IPOD Birthday Cake

Made this IPOD Cake for a 12 years old Birthday Boy who likes anything electronic. This was a last minute order ( 2 days notice) as there were a few others lining up the next few days. Very challenging cake..as it was almost 2kgs cake (measured at 30cm by 16cm and 8 cm in thickness) and was done on a very big pan 40cm by 40 cm baking pan and I had to cut the cake to make it into Ipod looking. The flavour for the cake was "Carrot Walnuts with Raisins" and frosted with Buttercream almond Frosting...

Friday, August 21, 2009

I missed making cakezzz...

Its been more than a week since I last made my cakezz or cupcakezz... and its weird..but I missed the feeling of being in the kitchen, mixing my cake's ingredients and watching how my batter sprout into life.. and that excited feelings of wanting to taste how it tasted like... and especially making all the sugar decor.. You see, the reason why I havent been baking cos my son and family has been sick the past 2 weeks.. I have to nurse for them and also myself.. but wait no more.. there'l be lots of pictures of cakezz and cupcakezz for the next week onwards.. as I have got a few orders inline :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mini Doll Cake made out of a blunder

This "mini doll cake: was accidently created out of a blunder (clumsy mistake) (which Im soo glad that I made that mistake *grin*)..You see, at first, I wanted to try my hands on this tall cupcakes design (inspired by sugarbloom). Tall cupcakes are stacked up cupcakes covered in full fondant and decorated. It was almost 10 pm when I decided to do this and during the whole time I worked on this, my mischievous son kept on disturbing me making me very clumsy and ..accidently cut the fondant shorter. As it was already very late, I didnt feel like starting all over again so I just continued and started to search around the house for a transparent wrapper to put around it (if only I can cover the 'ugly' part I thought) but yep.. as you've probably guessed, no transparent wrapper but instead I found this paper that I usualy put in boxes as the base paper. So I thought, that'll be nice as yeah.. well.. it has lace.. hehe... but yeah..since its round, obviously (duh) when I tried to stick it around the cupcakes, it doesnt fit nicely... but then... (DING!!! NEON SIGN FLASHING!!!! ) HEY... that'll make a very nice doll skirt... YEAHH... (quickly running and looking for my so called doll head)... so yeah anyway... the supposed to be tall cupcakez design turned out to be this mini doll cakez (that has no legs.. hehe..) The strapless top of the doll and the rest of the cake are 100% edible (the paper covering the body that looks like skirt obviously is made from paper so therefore non-edible). So yeah, I wanted to try my hand to make a doll cake in the future but for now.. this will be the mini version (3 stacked of cupcakezz).. *giggles*..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Cake Indian Gal

Made this cake today for my collegue's birthday tomorow who is of an Indian nationality. I reckoned this little cake topper is soo cute.. hehe.. The cake flavour was "Hazelnut Coffee Flavour sponge cake frosted with Baileys liquor butter icing".. its yummiee...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Boy Fullmoon design

Got a baby recently?? Wanna impress your guests/relatives ? Look no further.. these sets (designs were inspired by the baking room's cupcakes design) are perfect for a baby fullmoon's pack or party or even for those gift for the newly born... (colours can easily changed to pink for baby girl and other designs also available.. well.. u get the ideas hey.. :)

Face Cupcakezz..

Made these little cuties for a customer recently, she didnt specified any theme so these were the design i come up with.. I had sooo much fun creating them but was pressed for time so only did four of em' 2 boys and 2 girls.. soo cute.. hehehe .. cant wait to do em' again, so many faces you can do ..