A Gift for every occassion that's unique and personal - special customised cake suited to your theme and budget!!
Homemade custom design cake made by using only the fresh and premium imported quality.. no compromise on ingredients (that's our motto)
Those interested, please email: cupcakeslicious@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lego Themed Cake & Cupcakes Set ~ for a very lucky Boy!!!!

Any Kids would sure be thrilled to get cake like this.. I know if Im the lucky kid, Ill be jumping up and down with joy... This Lego Themed Cake & Cupcakes Set turned out much better than my customer and myself expected.. I was grinning so wide when I was taking the pics.. and almost didnt have the heart to sell it as my almost 3years old boy kept telling me he wants it!!! (I do sometimes feel bad when I made all these nice cakes for customers and there he is begging to have it.. although usually I did made 1 extra decor for him.. Guess he just hv to wait for his birthday soon :P)..

I had so much fun assembling the cake and it sorta brings back memories as when I was young, Lego was one of my favourite toys to play.. :)) Thank you for the order Jova and thank you for lending the lego ornaments to me!!! 

The Name topper in Lego Font look alike :P

Monday, July 26, 2010

An Elegant Masculine Cupcakes Set for 60yrs old Man

When Im asked to do an elegant cupcakes for a man's 60th Birthday Gift, I was cracking my head (though by now my head probably way beyond cracked hahahaha cos each orders, theres a lot of head cracking to do!! *lol*.. :P) trying to up with a nice theme that doesnt include any flower design (as I stereotype most of the elegant theme as flowers.. *hehehe..*)...

Finally came up with this design, was pretty happy with the design as to me , these cupcakes represent someone in his 60s who has everything - Wealth, Class and Status... What do yo think???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fondant Decorated Cookies

I have come up with a new line for thecupcakelicious ~ Fondant decorated Cookies.. Just for fun, tried these cute love bear set and an initial cookie theme!!
I baked 2 different set of recipes for these cookies ~ Chocolate Hazelnut and Oats Organic Hazelnut flavour..

Will come up with different types of design soon.. so stay posted!!! :) cheerszzzz...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Haute Couture Shoes Cake ~ Classic Vintage Theme

I just loveeeeddd making this shoes..and so satisfy that I've finally able to make this as this has been in my(hhahaha yes..) List to make cake.. so now I can strike it off.. *laughss*

Anyway, I made this cake for my good friend's birthday, she's in her 30s and owns a pair of Ferragamo shoes. This is my first time doing a gumpaste shoes, its much harder than I thought it would be. But Im quite happy on how it turned out. This cake to me looked very Vintage Classic looking and I thought its very elegant and so ladylike. A perfect cake for the fashionable lady!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Afternoon Tea Party ~ English Style

I had some friends over last weekend and been wanting to used my new cake tier stand (*Grinnn*).. so decided to do a Tea Party.. hehehe.. Im so pleased with my cake stand.. and will be using it more often from now on.. hehe..

                                 Top tier - moist chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
                       Middle tier - tuna wasabi sandwich, grilled sausages with tomatoes
   Bottom tier - Durian cheesecake, banana cake, fresh strawberries served with chocolate ganache

We also have some Grilled Smoked Beef Sausages, chicken nuggets and homemade herb Wedges..but hehe I forgot to take picture for it!! (all too hungry...:P)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3D Cake

MEESKA..MOOSKA.. MICKEYYY MOUSEE...!!! Yup..Ive been hearing this everyday at least 2 times a day for the past hmm.. lets seee... 2 years+++ in our living room TV.. and more lately.. hahaha.. Y? cos my almost 3years old son is crazzzzyyy about mickey mouse and when we're home, we couldnt watch any other TV channel.. He monopoly the TV all to himself.. (sigh..,t soo true when they said, when you hv a child, everything becomes their..including your TV remote.. lol.. hahaha..).

Anyway, I got an order to do a 3D Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's cake and Im so familiar with it cos haha ive been watching the cartoon for God knows how many times.. LOL...
I really wished that during Branden's 1st Birthday, I know how to make this cake cos then, I actually went to about 5 different cakeshops asking them if they can make such cake and NONE of them can!! sigh.. so yeah hv to settle wif a 2D square looking cake tat doesnt even look like anything like this..

Okay, back to the cake.. this cake was ordered by one of my good friend living in Kuala Lumpur and she came all the way to Seremban to pick up the cake and I organised an afternoon teaparty for her (see next entry).. This cake is for her 2nd son's birthday, Dylan and I also made my first set of cupcakes for his 1st Birthday last year.

Im actually not very happy and satisfied on the cake as I have a problem with the cake after baking, it couldnt come out from the dome pan and yes..this is the 2nd incident.. (remember my 3D bear cake), I think I have to buy a different dome pan.. sigh..cos it alwaysss get stuck!!! *double sigh**.. so yeah, during this process, the cake actually fall apart.. and I couldnt save the 3rd small dome.. (supposed to join it together to make mickey's round head..I didnt have the time to re-bake so I thought, I'll just try to salvaged it the best I can.. so yeah..that's why it looked like this but Im glad I learned something and hopefully next time I can do a much better looking Mickey Mouse's clubhouse 3D cake..

1st Year Anniversary!!

 Yeah... Happy 1st Year Anniversary to (*giggles..*) this blog I guess .. Yesterday was exactly 1 year ago it all started..the first time I discovered cake decorating and the first time I heard about Fondant.. also the very first time ever I made cupcakes!! *Giggles..* I remembered before that I was totally clueless and have never baked before.. and haha burnt my mixer's motor cos hahahah.. (Laugh out loud), I have no idea that to make buttercream icing, the butter must be at room temperature (hehehe..yupp.. tat's how CLUELESS I was then..:P)  so Yeah.. I looked back to my first entry to the current one and Im very happy to see that I have improved a lot in my cake decorating skills.. although I know theres soo much more room for improvement.. soo much more to learn.. so much more to discover and soo much more to look forward.. I cant wait for the next following years to look back at what I had achieved.  To all my family, my husband, my son (my inspiration) and all my friends and customers who has motivated me and give me support all this while, I thank you all from the deepest bottom of my heart as without you all, I would surely stop long time ago!! hehe so yeah..THANK YOU ALL!!!... (geezz..this feel like hahaha award speech.. oppps... *giggles*).. and I hope I can make a much better and more challenging cake for the year to come!! (*bring it on guys*.. LOL..). 

To celebrated it, I have made a Chilled Durian Cheesecake for all of you to share!! :P   CHEERSS..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet 15th Birthday Cake sets

Last week, I was asked to do a cake for 30 ppl by my customer who's also my customer for my daytime job (btw, Im actually working fulltime in construction industry ~ building materials).  He asked me to do a cake for his daughter whos turning 17... yes he did said 17 then.. and I was scratching my head to come up with ideas as when I suggested that I'll do a 3D LV bag, he strictly said no hahaha.. no designer brands please, too young to be corrupted he said. Hahaha..fair enuff.. so I thought that I'll do a mini cake with matching cupcakes theme, some of the cupcakes will have the number 17 on it. So I called my customer up and confirm and boy... lucky I did double confirm cos he said that he's not sure if the daughter 17 or 15.. OMG.. hahaha.. he'l be one dead Dad if I actually did the cake for a 17 years old.. LOL...

So anyway.. back to the cake.. hmm.. what theme is good for a 15 years old girl that is not too girlish as in dont want pink but sweet enough for a girl, so yeah...think think think.. and I pretty much come up with this theme.. which Im pretty happy with the result hehe..

Friday, July 2, 2010

3D Dream Train Cake

When I had an enquiry to do a cake for a 5 years old boy who loves to eat M&Ms.. and his Aunty that ordered the cake for his Birthday stated that it must be very colourful (she saw my other cake "jumping on the ball pit"), the first thing that came into my mind was.. YES... finally, I get to do what I always wanted to make (in my list to do cake.. heheh..*Giggles...* yes.. I do have my own list of the cake I loved to make and 3D train cake was one of them..) !!! 

So I happily suggested and she happily accepted.. Deals Confirmed.. and I thought.. hehe how hard can it be and I was so looking forward to it as I knew its gonna be soo much fun making it.. Super duper colourful, lots of M&Ms.. goodies.. oh.. I would just squeals in delight imagining it.. hehe..

But ohh.. how wrong was I.. no cake was ever easy.. especially no 3D cake.. I should have known better when I did my first 3D bear cake.. as Im not very experience in making 3D cake, after all, its only my 2nd trial (silly me.. haha..).  So yeah..there I was sitting alone in my living room at almost 12 midnight.. with only 1 completed train and 3 naked rectangle mini cake.. YIKESSS... almost cried my eyeballs out.. and hahah yes.. for those who knows me.. Lots of regrets and swearing of not gonna ever make this again... *LOL*..
But a promise is a promise and a confirmed order must be met!! So I just did my best to try to work as fast as I could (as tomorow is a working day.. ) and unfortunately I have to forgo the 4th train and also the fact that I wanted to add so much more detailing into the cakes.. Oh well..guess we'll just have to wait for the next 3D train cake order.. sigh!!!..

Im honestly not very satisfy with this cake but quite pleased with the colour combination as it is very colourful and fun to look at.. and oh..btw, the flavour was Chocolate Cake with fresh bananas and chocolate mousse frosting!!