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Sunday, July 11, 2010

1st Year Anniversary!!

 Yeah... Happy 1st Year Anniversary to (*giggles..*) this blog I guess .. Yesterday was exactly 1 year ago it all started..the first time I discovered cake decorating and the first time I heard about Fondant.. also the very first time ever I made cupcakes!! *Giggles..* I remembered before that I was totally clueless and have never baked before.. and haha burnt my mixer's motor cos hahahah.. (Laugh out loud), I have no idea that to make buttercream icing, the butter must be at room temperature (hehehe..yupp.. tat's how CLUELESS I was then..:P)  so Yeah.. I looked back to my first entry to the current one and Im very happy to see that I have improved a lot in my cake decorating skills.. although I know theres soo much more room for improvement.. soo much more to learn.. so much more to discover and soo much more to look forward.. I cant wait for the next following years to look back at what I had achieved.  To all my family, my husband, my son (my inspiration) and all my friends and customers who has motivated me and give me support all this while, I thank you all from the deepest bottom of my heart as without you all, I would surely stop long time ago!! hehe so yeah..THANK YOU ALL!!!... (geezz..this feel like hahaha award speech.. oppps... *giggles*).. and I hope I can make a much better and more challenging cake for the year to come!! (*bring it on guys*.. LOL..). 

To celebrated it, I have made a Chilled Durian Cheesecake for all of you to share!! :P   CHEERSS..


Anonymous said...

I supper love this Durian Cheese Cake...it tasted v. nice...yummy..Leni, thank you for the special welcome cake...:)

cupcake chic said...

Hi.. Christine.. hahah this must be you lar leaving comments.. hehehe.. sooo glad you loved it.. i hv more durians this week haha.. u want somemore??

Christine said...

woh...ur cake really attract me...will think abt it...LOL