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Friday, July 2, 2010

3D Dream Train Cake

When I had an enquiry to do a cake for a 5 years old boy who loves to eat M&Ms.. and his Aunty that ordered the cake for his Birthday stated that it must be very colourful (she saw my other cake "jumping on the ball pit"), the first thing that came into my mind was.. YES... finally, I get to do what I always wanted to make (in my list to do cake.. heheh..*Giggles...* yes.. I do have my own list of the cake I loved to make and 3D train cake was one of them..) !!! 

So I happily suggested and she happily accepted.. Deals Confirmed.. and I thought.. hehe how hard can it be and I was so looking forward to it as I knew its gonna be soo much fun making it.. Super duper colourful, lots of M&Ms.. goodies.. oh.. I would just squeals in delight imagining it.. hehe..

But ohh.. how wrong was I.. no cake was ever easy.. especially no 3D cake.. I should have known better when I did my first 3D bear cake.. as Im not very experience in making 3D cake, after all, its only my 2nd trial (silly me.. haha..).  So yeah..there I was sitting alone in my living room at almost 12 midnight.. with only 1 completed train and 3 naked rectangle mini cake.. YIKESSS... almost cried my eyeballs out.. and hahah yes.. for those who knows me.. Lots of regrets and swearing of not gonna ever make this again... *LOL*..
But a promise is a promise and a confirmed order must be met!! So I just did my best to try to work as fast as I could (as tomorow is a working day.. ) and unfortunately I have to forgo the 4th train and also the fact that I wanted to add so much more detailing into the cakes.. Oh well..guess we'll just have to wait for the next 3D train cake order.. sigh!!!..

Im honestly not very satisfy with this cake but quite pleased with the colour combination as it is very colourful and fun to look at.. and oh..btw, the flavour was Chocolate Cake with fresh bananas and chocolate mousse frosting!! 

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Chrisitne said...

I love this theme...so cute!!