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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Afternoon Tea Party ~ English Style

I had some friends over last weekend and been wanting to used my new cake tier stand (*Grinnn*).. so decided to do a Tea Party.. hehehe.. Im so pleased with my cake stand.. and will be using it more often from now on.. hehe..

                                 Top tier - moist chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
                       Middle tier - tuna wasabi sandwich, grilled sausages with tomatoes
   Bottom tier - Durian cheesecake, banana cake, fresh strawberries served with chocolate ganache

We also have some Grilled Smoked Beef Sausages, chicken nuggets and homemade herb Wedges..but hehe I forgot to take picture for it!! (all too hungry...:P)


Christine said...

It's a v. nice English Hightea...i think i won't waste money to go hotel for it anymore...just go Leni's House...hahaha

The Cupcake Chic said...

Hi Christine.. hehe u know u're always welcome here.. heheh..:P glad u enjoyed it!!