A Gift for every occassion that's unique and personal - special customised cake suited to your theme and budget!!
Homemade custom design cake made by using only the fresh and premium imported quality.. no compromise on ingredients (that's our motto)
Those interested, please email: cupcakeslicious@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I H.E.A.R.T. Louis Vuitton!!!

Yup.. the Title revealed it..BINGO!! You've guessed it correct!!! It's a LV themed cake & cupcakes set that I did.. Was super duper super hahaha.. beyond excited (and cant zzz for days.. haha.. thinking abt it.. *giggles**) when received the enquiry.. and all the types of LV bags were playing in my head!!! Neverfull , Speedy.. and the list goes on.. (*lol..*).. and the customer requested to have shoes on top of the cake.. so was hahhahah even more excited.. So thrilled.. Now I can tick this off my "wish to do cake design list" as Im quite pleased with the results!!! :))) Btw, choose to do the most classic themed of LV ~ Monogram Canvas!!

At first, the customer requested for 20 cupcakes with all the topper to be 3D mini LV bags.. and I was yeah.. hahah (you're right again).. freakin out.. and nego with him and *LOL*.. turned out he was just pulling my leg! Yes, this order is from a guy ~ so far hmm... I think my first Guy customer that ordered cake from me and hehe its quite different dealing with a guy customer than gals.. To them, just tell them the cake themed, price tags, deposit paid and time of collection.. so straight forward.. hehe.. good and bad I guess *grin*.

Anyway, without further do, let me share with you, my masterpiece to date!! Get ready for tonsss of PICS..!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 Themed 3D Cake

This cake order was requested from the same customer - my friend Jenny who ordered the Transformers cupcakes for her son's birthday.  The cake is for the home celebration with their family members only - WHAT A LUCKY BOY YOU ARE WEN JUNN.. *smiley*.. Initially, the cake's theme supposed to be tranformer also (frankly, I was panicking in silence on how to make transformer robots.. *LOL*) but guess God answered my prayer (*giggles*), last minute, Jenny called me up to change theme... :P

I was very excited yet a bit nervous (cos of woody and buzz's figurines) on doing this toy story3 cake.. as i have not even watch part 1 & 2, and dont talk about part 3..(*LOL*).  Therefore, a lot of googling and research done on youtube.. (which after watching their trailer in youtube, Im determined to buy the complete DVD now.. hahaha..so cute!!!)  Buzz Lightyear (see I even knew all the characters by name now.. hehehe..told ya, I did my research well *wink*) was so hard to make and Im not very happy wif my buzz as when the customer gave me the real toys, I kept thinking if i should redo my figurines but I spend 4 hrs on them and I didnt hv any time as I have another order to do! The Themed of the cake was inspired by Andy's room.  Overall, I had a really fun time doing this cake.. Mr Potato head was my favourite as I was laughing all the time when making him, the bed and floor was also soo much fun to make!! :)  Once again, Thank You Jenny for the wonderful themed and order!!! :)

And.... for the finaleee.. pictures..

This is how my cake's look like after being cut ~ Ive never really take a pic of the cake after being cut but Thanks (Againnn!! *lol*) to Jenny..for this nicely taken pic.. *clap-clap*)..


Friday, August 20, 2010

Transformer Cupcakes

I did this simple cupcakes using transformer edible transfer icing sheet as the order requested was 96pcs and they also order another 'Toy Story 3" Themed cake.. My friend arranged a suprise party for her son's 5th birthday in his kindergarten with his other fellow 80 (yes.. 80, I was like.. 18 or 80 friends... and when she spelled out 80, I was.. you kidding.. haahah.. LOL..) Friends.. and his teachers.. Indeed her son was extremely happy thus making his mum a very happy mother.. It touched my heart and made my day to know that my cake can bring a smile to someone.. thus , this what motivates me the most.. Thank You Jenny for making me happy when you shared your story and giving me the opportunity to make your son's cake!! (btw, the pics in the cupcake tiers stand were courtesy from Jenny as I didnt have the time to take those pics..and she's nice enough to do so.. Thanks again Jenny.. *hugs..*)..

Top View

My Beautiful Friend with her beloved Son..

The Birthday Boy so eager to eat his cupcakes.. *giggles*

Didnt I told you that he has 80 friends??? *LOL*
What a wonderful Birthday Celebration.. *ahhh..* Happy Birthday to you Junn..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Care Bears Themed Cupcakezz Set

At first, when my customer requested me to do the carebear theme with all the different colours and each matching tummy design, and she wants all cupcakes to be in 3D with 10 different colours bears, honestly that time, I was kinda petrified.. hahaha (*lol*) but after seeing the carebear's pictures I was excited and was game on with the challenged.. BRING IT ON!!! (although we negotiated to do only 8 coloured bears :p theheheheh..). In the end, it was pretty fun to do these bears... as they are just soo adorable!!! The theme was based on the story that the carebears are playing up in the sky/cloud over the rainbow..

I did a little research on the carebears as I know in malaysia, it wasnt popular at all. For those of you who's not so familiar of the carebear cartoons, this is a little story based on them..:)

The Care Bears are a group of adorable, furry friends each with a special caring mission. They help teach people how to care. Every Care Bear wears a bright-colored tummy picture that tells the world who they are and what is their special area of caring. In their cloud-land home, called Care-a-lot, the Care Bears help each other learn to care. Sometimes they magically bring a child with a special caring concern to Care-a-lot so that they can better teach them some of the finer points of being a caring person. Sometimes, too, the Care Bears have to speed down to Earth to help with some crisis in caring. Wherever the Care Bears go, and whatever the Care Bears do, in their soft, fuzzy, and funny way, they share their special gift of caring with everyone they meet.

The 8 Different types of Carebears I did...(7 original and 1 added version)

Name: Cheer Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol: Rainbow
Info: Cheer Bear is a very happy Care Bear who likes to help others see the bright side of life. She will sometimes even do a cheer to help make someone happier.

Name: Friend Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol: Two interviened smiling flowers
Info: Need a good friend? Friend Bear would love to be your best buddy bear. She's the perfect example of a friend, too. She's caring, likes to play with you and she's fun to be with.

Name: Funshine Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol: A smiling sun
Info: Funshine Bear is the Care Bear's class clown. This playful bear really knows how to be funny and to have fun. Funshine Bear works hard to make sure that people have a good time.

Name: Good Luck Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol: A clover
Info: Good Luck Bear is loaded with luck and he loves to share it with anyone who can use a little more good fortune. You'll almost always find this bear with a big smile on his face.

Name: Grumpy Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol: thunderstorm cloud
Info: Grumpy Bear frowns a lot—that's his way to show us how silly we look when we frown too much. He also shows that it's okay to be grumpy sometimes.

Name: Tenderheart Bear
Gender: Male
Tummy Symbol: A love heart
Info: Tenderheart is a loving and lovable bear who knows lots about helping others share their feelings. By helping people show they care, Tenderheart Bear helps spread love and make it grow.

Name: Wish Bear
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol: a wishing star
Info: Wish Bear loves making wishes and believes that everybody should make a wish even though it might not come true. Sometimes though Wish Bear can magically make a wish come true, but not always. It's still fun to make a wish even though it might not come true.

Name: Share Bear (non-original)
Gender: Female
Tummy Symbol: two heart-shaped lollipops
Info: helps others to learn about sharing the things they have. She shows that, through her symbol, sharing is caring

SO which Carebear are you?? *giggless...*...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hari Raya Cookies Set

Thecupcakelicious is offering as special promotion for this year's Hari Raya's celebration.  Packaged in a premium gold transparent box casing, 3 sets of cookies consisting of:-

1) Espresso Flavoured Cookies
2) Cornflakes cookies with Raya themed sugar icing
3) Imported Prunes

Beautifully packaged to give as gift to your friends or relatives that's celebrating Raya.  Please email to cupcakeslicious@gmail.com for further enquiries.

Hello Kitty Themed Cupcakezz Set

This simple but simply sweet and adorable Hello Kitty Themed Cupcakes Set was requested by a customer for her daughter whos an adoring fans of Hello Kitty.. I reckoned this is just soo sweet and cute... with the matching Cupcakes stand.. :)