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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a Birdie Affairs!! *Girl version Angry Birds"

Still "ANGRY BIRDS' fever.. and since this time round, the request is for a 3 years old Girl.. I suggested to her mum that I'll do a girlish themed for the cupcakes' order.  She agreed and hence the brainstorming began.. I wanted something girlish & sweet & flowery.. so I googled.. and found out that there's a "Valentine Edition" for Angry Bird Game.  So based on this, I created this design.. I super loved it although I am not such a big fan for Angry Bird Game.

Straightaway after I posted this picture on my Facebook's Fanpage ~ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thecupcakelicious-Couture-Cakes-Gifts/128298247213548  
I got another request to do the same one but since I never really too keen to do the same design twice (unless customer really insist), I did a different design (still very much girlish) and I even like this design much more than the 1st one! hehehe..

I even created a storyline for it !! wanna hear it?? NO?? ohh.. I insist!! lol... I named this set: 

Once Upon A Time Angry Birds Themed "~

"The Birds are really angry.. It's WAR time claimed the bird warrior, the male red bird.. ' The pigs have gone too far.. it is no longer safe.. our habitat has been destroyed.. and they have stolen our eggs.. not just for fun now.. but they've cooked it and served it to the evil wolf.. This is where I put my beaks down.. once and for all... for the sake of my unborn hatchlings.. and my beloved sweet satine... "

lol.. okay.. maybe I've been too carried away.. :P

Here's some more pictures from this themed! Hope you like it as much as I did and my customer who ordered this really love it and have sent me a message : Nicole ~  Thank You for the cupcakes, My god. This is sooooo beautiful! I like it so much. How r we going to eat that? Mmm. . . U r reali v v talented. Wonder when I can take baking lesson with u "

It just makes my day each time I received an email/sms/phonecall from the customers 
expressing their thanks, truly do and this what really motivates me to make beautiful cake!

Hard Boiled Eggs Anyone?? lol...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Heart Hello Kitty

I remember during my childhood time, Sanrio's collection is such an "IN" thing.. and of course, the most popular character will be Hello Kitty - the most pretties cartoon cat (in my opinion.. hehe but who doesn't love Hello Kitty???) Just for fun, I googled about Hello Kitty and apparently she has a twin sister called "Hello Mimmy" whos is more shy and very girly as opposed to Kitty who's more bright and cheerful and  While Hello Kitty wears a bow on her left ear, Mimmy wears hers on the right ( *giggle*  I didn't know this till 5mins ago.. lol).  Oh well.. enough of the history, here's the version that I made for a 26yrs old who lovess Hello Kitty. Hence, this time,  I tried to make it more elegant! 

And for the 2nd Set its for a little girl so it is much more girlish & cuter hehehe,.. 

Its All About Pink!

I have soo much pictures to upload and I think if I were to blog by each themed, its going to take me weeks and I will be soo much behind.. hehehe.. so yeah.. decided to upload it in groups (this time its all about "PINK" ).. here are some eye candies for you all!! Have a great weekend to come!! cheerss...xoxo..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3rd Anniversary & Free Barbie Doll Tutorial :))

Last week marked the 3rd year of this blog.. aka.. when I started to bake and I am so happy to be where I am today.. and to have all the wonderful friends and fans who have supported me throughout these 3 years and as a way of saying Thank You, I would like to show you all how to make this Barbie Doll Cake Tutorial.  Ive been wanting to do a tutorial for quite some times now and since time is my enemy (being a fulltime working mother who works fulltime monday to saturday and having to care for the family and a 4yrs old son, and to juggle parttime baking, time is so precious to me) so I am constantly rushing, straight from home, bake, feed the son, prepare dinner (or go out when no time to cook), and once the son fast asleep (which is past 9pm), only I get some time to do the pre-decoration and caking..  So with all this rush, its very hard to find time to take step by step picture as I am often very forgetful or time simply dont permit.  

Anyway, I made a free time once weekend to do this, yes, it takes longer time to prepare the cake as each step, a 5mins break needed in order to get the right pictures and I may have missed several steps as I get too carried away.. nevertheless.. here's the step by step of my Barbie doll cake tutorial:-

First Step ~ Baking the Skirt part Cake (which is the real cake)

I am using this cake mold specially for a doll's skirt and although I find the crease is very nice to get that pleating effect on the skirt, its not so practical and also it gives very small cake.  I actually had to add extra 6inch cake at the bottom to give it the height as otherwise its too short.  Make sure you grease the pan with shortening before lining the baking paper just to hold it into place and also extra shortening on the baking paper.  

This is how the cake turn out and if you actually notice, at the bottom theres a bit of gap in between the cake and the cake board, that's where I actually joined my 6inch cake in between), once cooled down, ice the cake using whichever method you prefer (ganache or buttercream), in my case, I like to use buttercream icing and usually I'll do 3 coating, the picture here only shows the 1st coating.  With every buttercream coating, I put the cake inside the freezer for about 10mins to set it.  

Just a tip if you're using a real barbie doll on the cake, do remember to cling wrap the bottom part to prevent staining it.  

Next up is to make the top for the barbie doll, in my case, my design is strapless (easiest design) and emboss some pattern onto it to make it more interesting.  Then cover the cake with some fondant, it doesn't have to be neat as we will put more details on it later for the skirt.

To make the doll's skirt, cut a piece of fondant (slightly longer than the skirt's height), roll it flat and fold the top like the above picture. do it one by one while making sure you dont over smooth it, you actually wanted to have some crease to make it more natural like a full skirt. Stick it one by one as shown below.

Another option is to have the skirt in different colour as what I did below so it will look more interesting. 

This is how it looked like after you have finished doing the skirt, (view from side, top and back) :) 

Once the skirt is done, you might like to add more details to the whole outfit, in my case, I added some small flowers to the shoulder to act as off shoulder design.. very sweet don't you think? hehe.. :) 

And I also add more design to the bodice of the skirt, using my single rose petal cutter (frill it) and some metallic silver sugar balls.  

And I finished it off with a lace ribbon to give it princessy look :))) 

This is the finished result of my Princess Barbie Doll! I loved it.. what do you think?? I hope this tutorial will help some of you to create this wonderful barbie cake doll for you loved ones! Cheerz and have a good day you all!! Till next time xoxo.