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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elmo goes to Jakarta!!

This was a special request from one of my favourite cousin guy who lived in Jakarta.  So happened, my mum visited me in Malaysia and also dropping by to Jakarta to see her family.  So yeah, since it was such a last minute (a night before) and I happened to have other order, managed to make only half a dozen of Elmo cupcakes!! :))

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elegant Minnie Mouse Cake for Sweet 16th Birthday!

YUP!!! Another Minnie Mouse Theme Cake!! I reckoned, theres just something soo eye catching with polka dots!! I know, me, myself, is a fan of polkadots hehe.. soo cute n playful!! This time its for a teenager, sweet sixteen birthday, so I tried to make it more elegant by doing the name plague using *blings* (non-edible unfortunately) and to add ribbon and shimmers to it!! What do you think?? Do you like it??

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thomas The Train ~ He's The Cheecky One!

Another Thomas The Train Themed.. ever so popular with kids below 5 years old.. Lol.. so yeah, this time, requested in cupcakes themed set!  My customer liked the previously designed Thomas & Friends Cupcakes set, but only opted for a single Thomas!  So this time, I decided to make the wording more colourful in Thomas's Themed colour (red & blue of course!!).. I kinda liked the final result, simple and nice!! Happy Birthday Kai Jun.. hope you liked your Thomas bday cupcakes!! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hellokitty Theme

YAY!! HELLOKITTY is "IN" again now!! Almost everywhere I went, in shops, I saw Hellokitty, toys shops selling a lot of hellokitty games, tea set, even a card maker and a badge maker.. almost tempted to buy one the other day!! *grin**.. I remembered when I was a lil girl, I used to be soo in love with Hellokitty & friends, the Sanrio Collection, used to collect their stationeries, stickers, mugs, shirt, etc.. They are just too cute.. and pink!! hehehe.. so it wasnt a suprise that a lot of little girls are hellokitty fans.. and that explained this second order on the hellokitty theme!! This time, they wanted some cupcakes, a mini Hellokitty cake and the popcorn pack with the pink polkadots case and the matching thank you tag!!