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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hellokitty Theme

YAY!! HELLOKITTY is "IN" again now!! Almost everywhere I went, in shops, I saw Hellokitty, toys shops selling a lot of hellokitty games, tea set, even a card maker and a badge maker.. almost tempted to buy one the other day!! *grin**.. I remembered when I was a lil girl, I used to be soo in love with Hellokitty & friends, the Sanrio Collection, used to collect their stationeries, stickers, mugs, shirt, etc.. They are just too cute.. and pink!! hehehe.. so it wasnt a suprise that a lot of little girls are hellokitty fans.. and that explained this second order on the hellokitty theme!! This time, they wanted some cupcakes, a mini Hellokitty cake and the popcorn pack with the pink polkadots case and the matching thank you tag!!

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