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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Big Wedding Order - 400 cupcakes!!

The past 3 weeks, my energy and most of my time were spent on this 'big event' .. YAY.. MY FIRST BIG ORDER FOR A WEDDING!! What was my feeling?  hmmmm.....lets see!! * NERVOUS* , * EXCITED* , * HAPPY* ,* SCARED* TICK TICK TICK TO ALL plus more!! I cant really describe it but those cake decorators out there, Im pretty sure you know what Im talking about! * lol* At one stage, I thought to myself, why did I agreed to this? I mean, Im a fulltime working mother but I did decided to take a day off work just to complete this order! Plus.. I was soo lucky, my mum & sister who lived in Australia actually came to Malaysia to visit me and boy was it good timing or what!! If it wasnt for them, Im not sure how I could pull it off!! Thank you sooo sooo much MUM & SIS for the great help in this order!! Greatly appreciated it!!  Especially during the mishaps that happened that day.. You see, I had a slight accident accident where one of the box that I kept 60 cupcakes fell down and toppled on the floor.. and more than half were ruined.. luckily i baked extra cupcakes and have a spare fondant decors (purposely did extras).. and the fact that we're 3 hours ahead of schedule!! Thank God for that!!!

Anyway, the order was a cupcakes as the wedding favour for each attendee guest.  I kept the design simple as I didnt dare to proposed too complicated design as this was my first! (didnt want to stuff it up .. :P).  There were 2 designs to this (one was a flower and another was the couple's initial in a heart shaped fondant).  The wedding tags were included in the packaging!

I wanted the bear bride to have a bit of sparkle.. so I used this non-edible crystal as her pendant.. hihi..


NuNuZa said...


And how long did it take to bake and decorate everything? Or did u bake and decorate ont he same day!

I find it funny(after the event) how there is always something that goes wrong when baking no matter how uch u plan and prepare

The Cupcake Chic said...

hi nunuza, thank you for leaving a comment, i didnt do it on the same day.. ru crazy?? lol.. i baked it a day before (full day baking.. ), and did the pre-decor a week before... it was all nighter all the way... yeah.. somthing always go wrong but i guess u learned from that! hehe..