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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fuk Lu Shou - Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity for the Elderly Birthday

In Chinese Custom and tradition, the 60th Birthday is regarded as a very important point of life.  Most often, the family will celebrate the birthday in a grand party where they will invite most of their relatives and close friends.  After that, a birthday celebration is held every ten years, that is the 70th, the 80th etc until the person's death.  Generally, the older the person is, the greater the celebration occassion is.  

This is because they believe that it is the first and probably the only time in the persons life that their animal sign (chinese horoscope) and element are together exactly as they were on the day they were born.  Usually during the party, a lot of foods that symbolised happy implications are served.  Long noodles always being served as it represent longevity.  Another item that usually being served is the peach pau, which the chinese believe its a longevity symbol too.  I have research more in depth on the chinese symbols and its meaning and found out that "The peach tree is a tremendous Chinese symbol for longevity as well as other auspicious attributes. Each element of the peach tree has significant meaning. The wood of the tree was said to ward off evil, and ancient warriors would craft weapons from the wood. Taoist magic was made with the petals of the peach blossoms - the effects were known to put men into an intense trance of love. It is said that the Peach plant of immortality located in the Kun Lun mountains would produce the fruit only once every 3,000 years. When this happened, the Eight Immortals would gather and eat of the magic fruit, assuring their immortality"  (ref: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/chinese-symbol-for-longevity.html

In Chinese custom, the Fu Lu Shou are the 3 Lucky Gods that symbolises "Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity"  and what better way to wish an elderly than to present them with all of this!! :)).  Hence comes the design of my cakes.  Here are the 2 designs (from 2 separate orders) on this themed.  

Top view

The second Cake design is more for female, thus explains the pink cake.  

These 3 Chinese Gods is also called The Three Wise Men :)
Fuk is God of Happiness

Lu is the God of Prosperity
Shou is God of Longevity

Friday, August 24, 2012

Customised Printable For That Special Party

 Newest Service from Thecupcakelicious...

"Customised Printable" for your special party!! Available in either PDF file (You can print it as many as you want) or Hard copy (delivered by post)..

Choose your themed & need for packaging and I'll custom design it to your themed & colour... 
Make that party to be even more Spectacular with customised  packaging!! Please email cupcakeslicious@gmail for enquiry on prices.  

Here's some example that I've done ~

1) Minnie Mouse Themed (Red Polka Dot)
The complete Set


Bottle Label / Cookies Label

Chocolate Wrapper

Birthday Garland Banner

Food Label etc

Cupcakes Topper / Label


2) Peppa The Pig Themed


Cupcake Topper / Label

Thank You Label

 3) Mickey Mouse & Friends Themed - this was inspired by my son's coinbox :)
The inspiration

The Design 
3) Hello Kitty Theme

Fairy Theme Party Invitation

Invitation as Fan

Bottle Label

Friday, August 17, 2012

Year of The Dragon ~ It's A BOY!

In most of Asian's Culture, following the Chinese custom, when a newborn baby turns one month old, usually the family will hold a ceremony party to celebrate the first month of the baby's life (the Chinese term translates as "FULL MOON").  In Malaysia, a fullmoon parties usually either held at home or in a restaurant serving a buffet spread for the guests. It is such a happy occasion  to introduce the newborn to their friends & family.

Although a fullmoon cake was not common among the traditional family but recently it has becoming a trend to have such cake among the modern parents.  So recently I have been getting quite a lot of orders for this type of celebration.  Here some of my recent works 

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a Birdie Affairs!! *Girl version Angry Birds"

Still "ANGRY BIRDS' fever.. and since this time round, the request is for a 3 years old Girl.. I suggested to her mum that I'll do a girlish themed for the cupcakes' order.  She agreed and hence the brainstorming began.. I wanted something girlish & sweet & flowery.. so I googled.. and found out that there's a "Valentine Edition" for Angry Bird Game.  So based on this, I created this design.. I super loved it although I am not such a big fan for Angry Bird Game.

Straightaway after I posted this picture on my Facebook's Fanpage ~ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thecupcakelicious-Couture-Cakes-Gifts/128298247213548  
I got another request to do the same one but since I never really too keen to do the same design twice (unless customer really insist), I did a different design (still very much girlish) and I even like this design much more than the 1st one! hehehe..

I even created a storyline for it !! wanna hear it?? NO?? ohh.. I insist!! lol... I named this set: 

Once Upon A Time Angry Birds Themed "~

"The Birds are really angry.. It's WAR time claimed the bird warrior, the male red bird.. ' The pigs have gone too far.. it is no longer safe.. our habitat has been destroyed.. and they have stolen our eggs.. not just for fun now.. but they've cooked it and served it to the evil wolf.. This is where I put my beaks down.. once and for all... for the sake of my unborn hatchlings.. and my beloved sweet satine... "

lol.. okay.. maybe I've been too carried away.. :P

Here's some more pictures from this themed! Hope you like it as much as I did and my customer who ordered this really love it and have sent me a message : Nicole ~  Thank You for the cupcakes, My god. This is sooooo beautiful! I like it so much. How r we going to eat that? Mmm. . . U r reali v v talented. Wonder when I can take baking lesson with u "

It just makes my day each time I received an email/sms/phonecall from the customers 
expressing their thanks, truly do and this what really motivates me to make beautiful cake!

Hard Boiled Eggs Anyone?? lol...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Heart Hello Kitty

I remember during my childhood time, Sanrio's collection is such an "IN" thing.. and of course, the most popular character will be Hello Kitty - the most pretties cartoon cat (in my opinion.. hehe but who doesn't love Hello Kitty???) Just for fun, I googled about Hello Kitty and apparently she has a twin sister called "Hello Mimmy" whos is more shy and very girly as opposed to Kitty who's more bright and cheerful and  While Hello Kitty wears a bow on her left ear, Mimmy wears hers on the right ( *giggle*  I didn't know this till 5mins ago.. lol).  Oh well.. enough of the history, here's the version that I made for a 26yrs old who lovess Hello Kitty. Hence, this time,  I tried to make it more elegant! 

And for the 2nd Set its for a little girl so it is much more girlish & cuter hehehe,..