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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mango Cheesecake topped with Mango Jelly

I have always want to make Cheesecakes as apart from Chocolate Moist cake and Carrot cake, cheesecake is one of my favourite cake.. so for my 1st attempt, decided to make this super yummy, light and refreshing Mango Cheesecake topped with mango jelly. The inside of the cake is filled with more chunks of fresh mango bites as you can see from the picture ... I uses 4 whole mangoes for this recipe and its is superb let me tell you.. The taste is very creamy yet refreshingly light and fruity.. plus it is not overly sweet. I think i wont go back to those shops cheesecake from now on!! (except for New York cheesecake tat is.. till i oneday master it.. haha) *grin*...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Parisian Chic Sets Theme

So the story goes like this, a few weeks ago, I got an email in my FB from a friend's friend who wanted a birthday cake for her 1 year old Baby Girl. She said she bought a 'sailor' dress for her daughter to wear and would like the same theme to go with it and was thinking of sea/ocean theme.. and did a lot of brainstorm on the ocean/sea theme that goes well with girl's party. But after seeing the pic of the birthday girl, I told her that to me it didnt really look like a sailor theme and recommend to have the same colour matching to the dress... so yeah after a lot of back-forth emails, we settled with the theme of "Pink and Black" cupcakes with initials, some polka dots to make it looks more kids like cake and black ribbon.. and a big cake for the main cake that has the baby figurine with the matching beret hat and a black ribbon wrapped around the cake to resemble her dress.. including the frills of the cake to resemble the skirt dress.. :P

We also agreed to have 14 cupcakes to be put inside the box for the kids to take home as their goodies bags. And I even did a sample of the cupcake (initially we agreed on white based buttercream swirl with the 'J' initial on tope) and she was happy with it b ut last minute due to some miscalculation error on my side, I decided to do full fondant cupcake design instead.. (*grin..*) but was very pleased with the results as its was so much better and very eye catching.. Anyway, I really enjoyed making this theme and very happy with the results.. :) Btw, I did two flavours, the main cake was Tiramisu flavour cake with Cream baileys frosting and the cupcakes were Vanilla with chocolate chips with strawberry frosting. The big bow of the main cake, this time i decided to use Chocolate flavour fondant.. very very yummie....(*slurpss..*) why didnt i discover this sooner?? now ill never go back to plain flavour fondant.. (*giggles*)....

This was the customer's photos that she sent me and how they arrange the cakes and cupcakes, I didnt have time to take picture of the cupcakes that was in the favour box.. at least this makes up for it..!! :P ~ thanks Jova for the pic.

The cute Birthday Girl 'Jane' with her cakessss..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cake & Cupcake packaging..

Whatever the occassion, whatever the theme, whereas its for birthday, wedding favour, anniversary favour, you named, it, we got it.. cute, elegant, trendy.. customised to your taste.. heres are some of the packaging that Thecupcakelicious can provide..(will post more packaging box from time to time)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is a Cupcake?

A lot of people whose not so into cake have asked me, what is a cupcake?? Well, to answer that questions, a cupcake is a small cake which is generally designed as a single serving and usually served in what they called cupcake liner (foil/paper) to allow people to handle the cupcakes without getting their hands dirty, since many people eat cupcakes like finger foods. Many people enjoy making and eating cupcakes along with other miniaturized foods, and most bakeries offer a line of cupcakes in addition to their other desserts.
I did a google search and found that in some parts of the world, a cupcake may be known as a fairy cake, which is probably a reference to the small and dainty size. Just like full sized cakes, cupcakes may be ornamented with an assortment of frostings, sprinkles, and other decorative elements. Cupcakes are usually very popular for children's party because the individual servings eliminate arguments about the sizing of slices of cake, less messy to serve and they may also add a personal element to the party, making each attendant feel especially valued.
Nowadays, most parties opt for cupcakes and usually these cupcakes are lined in a cupcake stand to resemble a big cake.. not only it looks elegant, it is a feast to the eye.