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Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is a Cupcake?

A lot of people whose not so into cake have asked me, what is a cupcake?? Well, to answer that questions, a cupcake is a small cake which is generally designed as a single serving and usually served in what they called cupcake liner (foil/paper) to allow people to handle the cupcakes without getting their hands dirty, since many people eat cupcakes like finger foods. Many people enjoy making and eating cupcakes along with other miniaturized foods, and most bakeries offer a line of cupcakes in addition to their other desserts.
I did a google search and found that in some parts of the world, a cupcake may be known as a fairy cake, which is probably a reference to the small and dainty size. Just like full sized cakes, cupcakes may be ornamented with an assortment of frostings, sprinkles, and other decorative elements. Cupcakes are usually very popular for children's party because the individual servings eliminate arguments about the sizing of slices of cake, less messy to serve and they may also add a personal element to the party, making each attendant feel especially valued.
Nowadays, most parties opt for cupcakes and usually these cupcakes are lined in a cupcake stand to resemble a big cake.. not only it looks elegant, it is a feast to the eye.

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