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Monday, March 8, 2010

Parisian Chic Sets Theme

So the story goes like this, a few weeks ago, I got an email in my FB from a friend's friend who wanted a birthday cake for her 1 year old Baby Girl. She said she bought a 'sailor' dress for her daughter to wear and would like the same theme to go with it and was thinking of sea/ocean theme.. and did a lot of brainstorm on the ocean/sea theme that goes well with girl's party. But after seeing the pic of the birthday girl, I told her that to me it didnt really look like a sailor theme and recommend to have the same colour matching to the dress... so yeah after a lot of back-forth emails, we settled with the theme of "Pink and Black" cupcakes with initials, some polka dots to make it looks more kids like cake and black ribbon.. and a big cake for the main cake that has the baby figurine with the matching beret hat and a black ribbon wrapped around the cake to resemble her dress.. including the frills of the cake to resemble the skirt dress.. :P

We also agreed to have 14 cupcakes to be put inside the box for the kids to take home as their goodies bags. And I even did a sample of the cupcake (initially we agreed on white based buttercream swirl with the 'J' initial on tope) and she was happy with it b ut last minute due to some miscalculation error on my side, I decided to do full fondant cupcake design instead.. (*grin..*) but was very pleased with the results as its was so much better and very eye catching.. Anyway, I really enjoyed making this theme and very happy with the results.. :) Btw, I did two flavours, the main cake was Tiramisu flavour cake with Cream baileys frosting and the cupcakes were Vanilla with chocolate chips with strawberry frosting. The big bow of the main cake, this time i decided to use Chocolate flavour fondant.. very very yummie....(*slurpss..*) why didnt i discover this sooner?? now ill never go back to plain flavour fondant.. (*giggles*)....

This was the customer's photos that she sent me and how they arrange the cakes and cupcakes, I didnt have time to take picture of the cupcakes that was in the favour box.. at least this makes up for it..!! :P ~ thanks Jova for the pic.

The cute Birthday Girl 'Jane' with her cakessss..


Anonymous said...

what can i say....it was a very eye-opening experience when i started surfing for pictures of the birthday cake to get some ideas. I had no clue what fondant cake is until i saw those beautiful pictures and of course,some explanation from Leni :)
all in all, the cake turned out wonderful and it was really the focus of the birthday party. Leni made the cake and the colour so matching with Jane's outfit! we were all very impressed, and personally, i feel proud since i also contribute to some ideas of the theme(*grin...*)
Thanks again Leni for the cake. WELL DONE!!

fr : Jane's mummy, Jova :))

leni said...

Hi Jova..

Thanks for dropping in to leave comments.. i just happen to saw it..:P Thanks for your wonderful remarks and also thank you for giving me the opportunity to create such a nice theme.. this is one of my best sets.. hahaah.. and Im happy that you're happy and looking fwd to more of ur order *grin* :P