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Friday, August 20, 2010

Transformer Cupcakes

I did this simple cupcakes using transformer edible transfer icing sheet as the order requested was 96pcs and they also order another 'Toy Story 3" Themed cake.. My friend arranged a suprise party for her son's 5th birthday in his kindergarten with his other fellow 80 (yes.. 80, I was like.. 18 or 80 friends... and when she spelled out 80, I was.. you kidding.. haahah.. LOL..) Friends.. and his teachers.. Indeed her son was extremely happy thus making his mum a very happy mother.. It touched my heart and made my day to know that my cake can bring a smile to someone.. thus , this what motivates me the most.. Thank You Jenny for making me happy when you shared your story and giving me the opportunity to make your son's cake!! (btw, the pics in the cupcake tiers stand were courtesy from Jenny as I didnt have the time to take those pics..and she's nice enough to do so.. Thanks again Jenny.. *hugs..*)..

Top View

My Beautiful Friend with her beloved Son..

The Birthday Boy so eager to eat his cupcakes.. *giggles*

Didnt I told you that he has 80 friends??? *LOL*
What a wonderful Birthday Celebration.. *ahhh..* Happy Birthday to you Junn..

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