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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet 15th Birthday Cake sets

Last week, I was asked to do a cake for 30 ppl by my customer who's also my customer for my daytime job (btw, Im actually working fulltime in construction industry ~ building materials).  He asked me to do a cake for his daughter whos turning 17... yes he did said 17 then.. and I was scratching my head to come up with ideas as when I suggested that I'll do a 3D LV bag, he strictly said no hahaha.. no designer brands please, too young to be corrupted he said. Hahaha..fair enuff.. so I thought that I'll do a mini cake with matching cupcakes theme, some of the cupcakes will have the number 17 on it. So I called my customer up and confirm and boy... lucky I did double confirm cos he said that he's not sure if the daughter 17 or 15.. OMG.. hahaha.. he'l be one dead Dad if I actually did the cake for a 17 years old.. LOL...

So anyway.. back to the cake.. hmm.. what theme is good for a 15 years old girl that is not too girlish as in dont want pink but sweet enough for a girl, so yeah...think think think.. and I pretty much come up with this theme.. which Im pretty happy with the result hehe..

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