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Monday, September 6, 2010

I love Polka Dots!!

This seem to be quite a popular design as this is my 3rd time making the polkadots cupcakes and my 2nd time doing this set.. guess its the polkadots that attracts heheehe.. i must admit.. I lovedd polka dots!! so classic yet so cute!

This cake was ordered by a customer in Australia (we communicated thru email and call) for her niece - Belle's 1st year birthday.  Not only she's ordering this cake for her lovely niece, shes flying up to Msia to celebrated it together... *Awwwww... isnt she's such a sweet sweet aunty?? * hehehe.. im sure ur niece will love this cake Ashley.. thanks for the order ya.. hope u'll love it as much as I loved making em..*grinnn..*

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