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Friday, September 3, 2010

Have a Cheeesssyyy Birthday!!

This was the other cake of the 3 cakes that my customer ordered.. and for this combined birthday cake, she requested to have Mango Cheesecake and since both the birthday boy and girl are born in the year of rats ( I did mentioned that didnt I?) and its a cheesecake, I decided to do a cheese theme and heheh..mices loveddd cheese dont they? so yeah.. two lil mices (one resemble the bday girl - shes 14yrs and the lil one resemble the lil boy - 2 yrs old) piggin on cheese .. and the bday slogan to say out "HAVE A CHEESEY BIRTHDAY!!" is just perfect I reckoned!!!
ps: i apologised for the picture quality as this was taken at night - i didnt hv time to take a photo.. and it was raining.. so very cloudy!

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