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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A casual Affair at friend's house with homemade cupcakezz

I was invited for a steamboat dinner (more like steamboat buffet i reckoned) at a friend's house last night. So I thought, why not make some pretty cupcakezz so my ladies friends can enjoy and :P admire it perhaps?!! (*grin*) So I baked some chocolate cupcakezz so we can have it for dessert after dinner. Some of the cupcakezz I added some almonds sprinkle in it.. it added the 'crunch' effect.. yummieee!!! CHOC & ALMONDS are my two weakness! It was such a fun night with all the girlie talks and jokes.. nonetheless, my cupcakezz was one of the topic last night and I received some orders too.. (*dun worry Penny, I will try my best to do a nice Bee theme for ur friend..*)

Butterfly themed Cupcakezz

Bunch of tiny roses with leaves

Pretty cupcakezz in 2-tiers Cake stand

Side view

Top View

And heres some pictures during the Steamboat Dinner at Anne's place!!

The ladies during the dinner

A Galore of Food!!! - Fresh Seafood - fish, prawns, abalone, beef, pork, fishball, squid, yong tau foo and many more...

My chocolate almonds cupcake..

Natalie with her choice of cupcake - peace!!

And here's the pic of the 'cupcake chic' with her cupcakezzz - supertired after baking and decorating!!







Cheers :)

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