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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Colony of Bees Themed Cupcakezz... bzzzz...zzzz...

I have actually been very excited to make this bee's cupcakezz themed as there were soo many ideas playing inside my head.. and this order was actually supposed to be done for Saturday but instead it was pushed last minute to today and I agreed.. so yeah.. that was like a madd madd rush.. after works, straight to the kitchen ready for some battle wif the bees.. hehehe... and cos i was short of time, i just have to make do with watever i can do.. but nonetheless, although it wasnt exactly what i planned, I was quite happy with the end result and so was Penny.. hehe.. I hope your friends will like this gift Penny... :P

The Bees' Gathering..

The Different type of bees..

My 'QUEEN' Bee - smoochhh...!!!

Busy Beez...

'lil Bobby Bee'

Bee's soldiers..


Anonymous said...

it's sooooooo cute

cupcakelicious said...

Hi ayoepan.. thank you :P