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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first decorated cupcakezzz

It all started out of nowwhere, suddenly I decided that I want to learn to make cupcakes with pretty cute designs. The sorts that you can see in shops, the trend that started the cupcakes' crazed.. tiny lil cakes wrapped in beautiful cupcake liners with adorable designs, lovely cakes that is enough for just a few bites. Ohhh theres like a million designs that one can think about.. As long as you got the imagination, you can decorated it any way you like.... cute, pretty, animated, elegant, sexy, well.. you named it you've got it!! So here's a preview of my very own first decorated cupcakezz..

Pastel Themed Flower Design

Lilac themed cupcake

My Mixed Designs

Bees, Bear, Flower and Cookie Monster


Mini Basketball Cupcakezz - anybody for a game of Basketball??

Close up look at the design

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