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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Golf themed cake with Peach Blossom Cupcakes

I had a request to do a cake for a friend's father in law's 70th birthday... Since the Birthday Recipient likes to play golf, its only natural for me to decide on a golf theme (my 2nd golf themed cake) and my friend also requested for some cupcakes with the prosperity peach on top.. In chinese culture, theres a lot of symbols to represent so many different things in wishing somebody good fortune and "Peach Blossom" is one of the symbol that I see in a lot of cake shapes design among all the elderly's birthday party. I know its meant to be something good and prosperous wishes but I wanted to google the true meaning of it and apparently Peach Blossoms' symbol represent longevity. That is why this particular symbols mainly used and given to those elderly people on their birthday.. Interesting isnt.. !!

Anyway, made this fullcake with a figurine that represent the elderly birthday man.. Im not sure if you guys can see if the guy supposed to be in his 60s or younger .. hehe..but yeah..the grey hair is one hint and theres' wrinkles on the forehead and corner of the eyes if you look closely.. :P the border of the cake (the grasses) are also full of silver beads to make the cake looked more mature and elegant.. (haha dunno if tat works..) The peach blossoms cupcakes were sprinkled with food colouring sprinkly dusts.. for shimmery effects..


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