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Sunday, November 29, 2009

12 CUTE Chinese Animal Horoscope Cupcakez set..

I remember weeks before I made this design, I was very nervous as it is really a challenging request.. but as the hand started to make those lil cute animal figurines, I actually enjoyed doing it and had a lot of fun doing it. I tried to be as creative as i can as it was quite challenging to try to make it look real and at the same time to do a cartoon cute version.. *giggles*..

Nevertheless, Im pretty pleased with the end result especially with the monkey and the tiger.. hehe.. the dragon on the other hand was very hard to do and Im not too sure if I did a good job... Think my dragon doesnt really look like one but more like a baby dinosarous.. hehe.. :P
Anyway, here's I present to you the 3D design of the 12 (cute version) Chinese Animal Horoscope cupcakeszzz... (btw, flavour was chocolate walnuts frosted with Espresso frosting..) - the orders are according to the Chinese Calender..

So there you go, all the 12 Chinese Horoscope Animals in 3D cupcakes version!!

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