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Monday, January 3, 2011

A sweet Customised 2 Tiers Cakes

I've got this request to do a 2 tiers cakes (the bottom of the cake's diameter is 22cm and the top is 15cm, height abt 8cm) for a 1st year Birthday of the customer's daughter.. she emailed me the design of the cake (so yeah, wanted to credit whoever did this design, this time its not my design but fully owe it to whoever made this similar cake out there, the original cake has a cow figurine on top) but for this cake, customer requested of a little baby girl figurine wearing a customised dress alike (that she'll be wearing during the party) and beside her to have a cow figurine.  So yeah..this is the result.. a very fresh chic looking, simple, elegant yet playful and sweet looking cake.. Im totally loving this cake!!! What you think???

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