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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kelly Doll

Last weekend, my inlaws took my son out for a day, leaving me a Free 'me' time , which is quite rare and I absolutely enjoyed it.. So, what did I do?? Apart from just relaxing in my pyjamas surfing the net, cooked myself a nice bfast and finished my 1st set of Xmas Cookies Gift Set, (yes.. I did all these in a span of 4 hrs, which was very unusual as when my son at home, I can only did a third of that..) , I also baked some cakes and decided to have a bit of fun.  Ive always wanted to make a Barbie Doll Cakes.  So just practicing with the mini version - Kelly, she's Barbie's little sister.. (*giggles* still remembered my childhood times as I used to be Barbie's biggest fan!! LOL).. Anyway, here's my lil Kelly Doll.. hope u like her .. hehehe..

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