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Monday, December 7, 2009

Thomas and Friends Cupcakes Set

Another Thomas and Friends theme and this time its for a 3 years old boy who lovessss Thomas and Friends (and now my 2 yrs old son is into this as well.. ohh NO!!!!). Anyway, back to this post, this time around I was more confident in making Thomas theme as I have done enough research on this cartoon characters and have watched the DVD countless time.. (didnt i mentioned that my son is into this too... hehe..), so yeah , I pretty much knows more of the different characters and just for those of you that have children..."PLEASE (dont say I didnt reminded you..), NOT TO introduced Thomas and Friends to them cos u know WHAT??? I checked out Thomas and Friend's corner at Isetan KLCC and I was quited shocked to find out that there was like 50 characters of Thomas and Friends trains there... each with its own name, Gordon, Spencer, etc.. (just on top of my head those that i remembered) and boy..its not cheap at all!!!!!

So yeah this time, since the Birthday boy is more into Percy (the green one which is Thomas's bestfriend , see told you I really did my research).. I positioned Percy in the middle as the main topper. hehe.. and The rest of the 3D trains are Thomas (the blue one - dohh..) and James (the red one, James is an older train of the 3 lots so that's why, if any of you noticed, I made his face looked older with wrinkle lines near the eyes ares.. *giggles*).. hehe..

Anyway, these set of cupcakes are available for order for those of you whose lil ones adoresss Thomas & Friends ( I have to make another set soon for my son as he was crying when he saw the customers walked away with his 'so called' Thomas cupcakes..poor Branden..) ..

Once again Happy Birthday Vel Prasad, Hope you like your Percy and Your Thomas and Friends cupcakes set.. !!!

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