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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tiffany Box Cakelet

I made this mini cake (serving abt 2-3 persons only) for a old ex-school friend from Perth who happened to come to KL during her birthday. So its the only right thing to do to bring my custom made cake when meeting up with her!! hehehe.. and since she really loves jewellery (i wanted to make her a necklace/earings set presented in a jewelerry square box at first but i covered the cake too thick and cant fix into the intended box) so last minute thought of this Tiffany box design.. it is still jewellery related and branded somemore hahah so thought such perfect cake present for a gal who loves jewellery and hahaha since i cant realy afford to buy her the real tiffany.. guess this will hv to do hey Kaoru.. :))

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