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Monday, October 18, 2010

Spongebob Square Pants 3D Cake Themed Set

This was one of the cake order from 1 customer, she actually ordered another cake for her daughter's birthday for the joint celebration.  I ended up making this cake bigger than I intended so after buttering it, I got nervous trying to think how am I supposed to covered it neatly.. cos this was the biggest square cakes I've baked... its abt 28cm x 28cm and 10cm thick.. I actually took 30mins just staring into the cake (*lol..*) cos too nervous to attempt at it.. But guess theres always a first time in everything right?? and you'll never know till u try.. so yeah... after praying our father 5 times.. (jk.. hahaha..), I thought, wat the hell lar.. its almost 11pm so yeah.. Just Do IT!!... and Voilla!!! I DID IT!! YAY.. so happy although its not perfect, abt 1/2 inch of the side didnt get covered, oh well.. Im the master of modification after all.. (*LOLLL*) ..

Im actually extremely happy on how the cake turned out.. it was more difficult and took longer than what I estimated.. and I actually under charged this order.. oh well.. now I know!! 
I had soo much fun making the krabby patties cupcakes to go with the whole themed and they're just soo cute!! My customer actually sms me on that morning for the cake's pic (which i normally dont do cos LOL i luv to see their expression 'live' when i unveiled the cakes, but since she wanted to arrange her table, i hv no choice but to email her.. and 5mins later she smsed "OH MY GOD, I REALLY LOVE THE CAKE".. Im scared the kids will fight for it!!" I tell u, it is such good feelings to received comments like that, makes my hoursss of slavery WORTH IT!!!

Spongebob holding Krabby Patty!

Kraby Pattiess....

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