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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Lilac Themed Wedding Cupcakes Tower for my Beloved Sista!

Hi all, YES..... im back..from BALI (last wk).. and its been one hetchic weekss (*roll eyes*)... and im kinda glad its over now.. I dunno where to start..but to say it was a beautiful wedding was understatement.. It was an awesome musical weddings my sis had in Bali.. Busy? Hethic? Stressed? Excited? Overwhelmed? Ecstatic? YESS.. TO ALL.. LOL... i say its was kinda crazy at some point.. but overal everyone had fun n really enjoyed the fantastic time in Bali..

Im lucky some of the bridesmaids (my sister had 6 in total including myself) 3 of them infact arrived 2 days early before the wedding.  So they were all there including my sister in law from Melbourne helping me assembling the cupcakes.. The cupcakes were ordered from this gal who also baked from home, her website is http://www.cobainyuuuk.blogspot.com/ , she baked chocolate flavour with mixed vanilla and mocha frosting for me.. (so for those of you gals who intend to have a wedding in Bali - as its very popular nowadays and looking for wedding cakes, I recommend Arbee - the baker that supplied my cupcakes in Bali! :) )  So without further do, wait no more for the Wedding pictures... :P  (tonsss)  btw, I was soo busy that I forgot to take picture of the Bridal Figurines of my sister and her new Hb ( I also did for the main 4 tiers wedding cake, a bride figurine of my sister carrying a 'CHANEL' clutch as she's a chanel's fan and for the groom, a funky hairstyle wearing his favourite shoes "White sneakers" LOL.. I did it in a air-clay instead of fondant as I want them to keep it as their wedding memory later on. 
This is the 2 of the flower designs

I also managed to make a customised wording cupcakes (using edible sheet) for my sister's wedding picture.. I thought its soo nice and personalised to have this done!! *dont u think so??*

The wordings were copied from their invitation!
Then theres pictures of behind the scene during the cupcakes making.. (btw, this is the first time I saw how i looked like when doing cupcakes.. hehehe, boy, i looked super serious!!)

The "Elves" working hard!! Thanks again GAls!!! ure the best!! xoxo..

The 3D Bridal Bears , some have broken noses during the plane ride.. *LOL*

Me demonstrating that you need to be veryyy careful when picking the fondant!!

"Elf Ricka & Elf Aileen.. (Aileen looked super tired as its hahaha almost midnite!)"
*A very serious looking Me* (grinnn)
Even hahaha the guy helps!! (*clap-clap*)

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