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Friday, November 25, 2011


"La la la-la la la, Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la, Smurf your whole day long.

Next time you're feeling blue just let a smile begin,
Happy things will come to you...

La la la-la la la, Now you know the tune, You'll be Smurfing soon! :))))"
The smurf was one of the childhood cartoon that I grew up with during the 1980's.. used to read all their comics and storybook! So when a customer (who ordered Thomas themed last year) asked me to make her son "the smurf' themed set for his 6th birthday at kindergarten, I was excited! I mean.. why wouldnt I? they're just so cute!! and well.. BLUE! hehehe.. such trademark.. Sadly, it was almost forgotten by the new generation till recently when its making its comeback thanks to "The Smurf Movies" recently showing in the cinema.  Wanted to take my son to watch this movie but unfortunately was too late as its no more showing.  Oh well, guess have to buy the DVD instead.   

Due to the limited time notice, (less than 10days) and considering I still hold my dayjob (monday to saturday), I can only make 2 smurf characters... nonetheless the famous "Papa Smurf" and after considering which other smurf character to make, I decided to make the "Brainy Smurf" as he's one of the more standout character among all the other smurfs (and we know theres many many different type of smurfs there.. hehe..)..  Let me tell you a lil more about the brainy smurf's character:

"Brainy Smurf is an avid reader and keeps a lot of books in his house (mostly his quotations); his books are entitled "Quotations of Brainy Smurf," which contain Brainy's purported "folk wisdom." Few, if any Smurfs, read the books and are annoyed each time Brainy attempts to get his fellow Smurfs to read the books.  Brainy Smurf fancies himself as the all-around-brain of the village. Although he acts as though he is second-in-command behind Papa Smurf, this isn't the case and even Papa Smurf doesn't seem very fond of his sanctimonious attitude. In fact he could be considered as the class swot or know-it-all. He is a smurf that can be distinguished from the others because he wears thick glasses as he is extremely short-sighted. In fact, in the original Belgian version, he is called "Smurf with Glasses". (taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainy_Smurf )

Adorably cute hey!! hehehe.. i love brainy smurf although he can be soo annoying!! as for "Papa Smurf", whom according to the wilipedia, "At 542 years old (546 in the movie) is the third-oldest Smurf after Grandpa and Nanny,[1] and well above the typical age of the other Smurfs, which are approximately 100 years old. He is quite energetic for his age, and is easily distinguished from the other Smurfs by his red clothes and his bushy white beard, which was brown in his younger days".  WOW.. I didnt know The Smurf can lived up to few hundred years.. lol.. guess I just learn something today!! LOL..

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