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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Counting Numbers with Barney" themed Party ~ preparation

Last month,  my little boy (Branden) turned 4 and he has already decided on the type of cake & themed for his party two months back.. You see, he has this "obsession" for numbers.  He loves numbers so so much and he would go around counting every single numbers, write them, count them, and even took the calculator along with him everywhere.. I think it started cos of the "count with me - barney dvd".. which in a way is a good thing as when he was 3.5 years old, he knew his maths well (addition of 1-10) and he knows how to count to 1000. Anyway, he wants me to make a shape "4" cake for his birthday cake, with all the colourful numbers around it and he wants barney to be in the picture too.  It took me several weeks of *scratching my head* to try to team the both theme together yet to have a nice elegant feeling to it.  So this was what I come up with .. *grin*.. and Im actually pretty happy with it.. hehe..

This was my inspiration after spending hours on google!! :P

The Label Tag that I design
Barney Topper for the Cake


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