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Monday, October 10, 2011

PoKemon Themed

Dont You just loved a matching party themed??? Well, I am totally obssessed in creating a themed dessert table and this time, a very lucky boy get to have all those goodies!! This boy has the same name as my son "Brandon Tan" (except my son's spelling is with an "E" instead of "O").. how weird is that??  Pity my 3.5yrs old boy who already knew how to spell his name kept asking me.. "Mummy.. is that for me?".. my heart just break each time he asked that.. especially this time round.. All the nicest cake n goodies that I make, he'll come up to me and said.. "Mummy, thats very nice.. is it for me??" with those puppy eyed look.. and it breaks my heart when I said 'No darling.. its for so and so' and this time around he said..but it has my name on it.. sighhh!!! So I tell him that you're not 10 years old right.. so its not for you darling! He went away with that sad look on his face.. totally breaks my heart.. I promised I'll do something special for your coming birthday love!!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pictures, Ill let them do the talking! *cheers*

The 4 figurines based on its element - water, thunder, grass & fire pokemon

Personalised Chocolate Bars

2 different types - 2D and 3D cupcakes

Cookies with personalised packaging

Favour gift

Marshmallow Pops in matching colour themed

Personalised Drinking Water

Pokeball Cupcakes - didnt managed to take a proper pictures as not enough time :P

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