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Monday, October 17, 2011

Colourful Cake for 1 year old

For those of you who followed my blog and seen my creations, you all probably aware, I have my own signature design as Im quite a simple person, I like my cake to be simple and elegant, I dont play with a lot of colours on my cakes and I usually only choose 3-4 main colours on my design and have the whole design revolved around that colour pallete.  So this next cake was a request from the customers, she gave me the picture of the cake that she liked and wanted her daughter's cake to be almost exactly like that.  Its a lot of colours and may seems very easy to do at first glance.. boyyyy was I wrong.. nevertheless, although its not what I normally would do, the result turns out to be quite good.  My 3.5yrs old son saw the cake the first thing when he wakes up in the morning and commented.. "wow.. mummy.. your cake is so colourful and nice!! " I guess this cake makes little kids happy looking at it as its just bursting with colours!! hehe.. :)

The baby figurine was made out of syrofoam and credit goes to my HB who helped me in shaping it! :P

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